March 19, 2007

Monday, Monday

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I think someone from Chevrolet must have been reading my blog because last night I saw a commercial for them and they played a snippet of “We’re Not the Jet Set”  LOL!  How weird is that??  I should be paid for my idea 🙂

The girls are back in school today since spring break is over.  They say they weren’t ready to go back of course, but I think they were really getting bored and were looking forward to going back and seeing their friends.  I’m glad to be able to get on the computer without standing in a line!

82 more days until my vacation!!!!!!  I am ready TODAY!  We’ve researched so much Disney crap I don’t even care if we go there or not now, I just want to hang out on the beach and do nothing for hours on end.  I am really good at that and I believe you should stick to what you do best, don’t you?

The latest obsession for hubby and I is “The Sopranos”.  We are seriously addicted I think.  We don’t have HBO so when the series started on A&E a few weeks back we got hooked.  We’ve rented and watched all the way through the 4th season already LOL!  I’m already sad thinking that the series is coming to an end and there will be no more Tony Soprano for me 😦 

I’ve got a million things to get done today so I’m outta here. 

March 9, 2007

We’re not the jet set…we’re the old chevrolet set

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Happy Friday!  I am in serious need of a shopping day and I think tomorrow will be it.  I’ve been in a funk for the last couple of days so hopefully this will snap me out of it.  It’s getting warm and I need some new capris and flip flops so shopping it is 🙂  Danny will be thrilled I’m sure LOL!

 Speaking of Danny, he is sporting a new ride these days.  We went last week-end and he bought a 2004 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD.  It’s very pretty and very big!  You don’t just get in his truck, you climb up in his truck literally.  We’ve got to get some step bars on there pronto because it’s quite the sight watching me get in and out.

The kids are out of school next week for Spring Break.  They are excited and are ready for staying up late and sleeping in.  Actually that sounds nice but when you’re a grown up you don’t get those luxuries.  At least I don’t.  I keep thinking that vacation is just a few months away and hopefully that will hold me over 🙂 

I hope everyone has a great week-end and has some of this gorgeous weather that I am having right now.

March 2, 2007

Teach your children well

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Last night I was reading a book in bed and the characters were talking about their school teachers.  That got me to thinking about mine.  When I was a child I loved school!  That lasted until probably 6th grade but up until then I loved being in school and looked forward to getting up everyday and going.  I know, what a freak huh?  I was so in awe of my teachers and thought they were the greatest.  I hope my kids have some great memories of their teachers and elementary school years as well. 

Mrs. Coulter-kindergarten-the most I can remember about her is that she had a baby during the school year and we had to have a substitute.  Back then kindergarten was only half day so I don’t remember too much about being there.  Except one time this fat kid stole my Hershey candy bar and ate it and I had nothing for snack!  Probably the real issue here is that my Mom sent a candy bar for my snack instead of something healthy but that’s what I remember.  Mrs. Coulter was nice and we were all glad when she came back.

Mrs. Guy-1st grade-This was her last year of teaching so I’m sure she was ready for the school year to be over .  Mrs. Coulter was very young and so that made Mrs. Guy seem reeaallly old to me and I was a little afraid of her at first.  She was nice though and made me feel very smart and special so I think that got me off to such a good start.

Mrs. Dewey-2nd grade-I loved, loved, loved this teacher!  She made learning fun and I  had such a good time in her class.  Even when we were waiting in line to go to recess, lunch, etc. she found some way to interact with us such as singing or reciting a poem we had learned.  I thought she was the greatest person ever and I loved every minute of her class.  About 10 years ago I actually looked her up (she was still teaching) and wrote her a letter telling her what an impact she had on me.  She remembered me and wrote me back and that made my day.  I hope that everyone has a Mrs. Dewey in their school career 🙂

Mrs. Patterson-3rd grade-After being Mrs. Dewey’s student, she didn’t stand a chance!  She was nice but didn’t seem to have the spark that I was used to.  Also, when we were learning our multiplication tables she commented to me that I didn’t seem to be doing so well in math and that made me feel stupid.  Mrs. Dewey made math fun so I didn’t know that it was supposed to be hard until I got in Mrs. Patterson’s class.  To this day I hate math! 

Mrs. Gregory-4th grade-Back when I was in grade school when the teachers went back for inservice they posted their class list on their doors.  It was a big deal to keep going up to the school and checking to see if they had been posted.  Of course you already had the teacher you wanted picked out and rest assured I did not want this teacher.  She seemed mean to me so I was really scared when I found out she was going to be my teacher that year.  I ended up loving her and enjoying her class very much.  She took no gruff from anyone but since I was teacher’s pet I had no problem with that!

Mrs. Johnson-5th grade-Mrs. Johnson rocked!  She was tough but she told you exactly how she wanted something done and as long as you did it that way it was fine.  To this day I admire that trait very much in a person.

After 5th grade there were so many teachers per day that it was hard to form a bond with any of them.  However, my 9th grade teacher, Mrs. Ballard, was a one in a million teacher.  She was the piano player at my church so I knew her before I got into her class but not very well.  She was just an awesome person and I loved her class alot.  I even went on to be her aide for two years after that because I enjoyed her so much.

As a child I had so much fun in school and the teachers were a lot more free to run their classrooms the way they wanted.  I understand why things are the way they have to be these days but it’s a little sad for the kids.  How much fun was it to have an actual Halloween party instead of a “Fall Festival” or Christmas party instead of a “Holiday Party”?  Even with all the restictions and rules that I find a little trivial sometimes I’m sure that kids today will be able to look back and remember some very special times and teachers from their childhood.   Or maybe you grow up and realize how simple and uncomplicated life really was back then 😉