October 31, 2007

Boo to You!

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Happy Halloween everyone!  When my kids were little, this was probably our most favorite holiday, next to Christmas of course.  We went all out and had the house decorated to the hilt.  I even made some Halloween curtains for the bay window!  LOL!  Trick or treating was da bomb and we had the best time but those days are gone.  Of course, if I would let them, they would still go trick or treating but I’m sorry-15 and 16 is waaaaay too old for that.  I know lots of people may disagree and that’s fine, that’s just the way I feel.  We’ve got plenty of candy for them and some to pass out to the neices and nephews that will show up.  I love seeing the little ones all dressed up, that’s the fun part for me! 

We live on a cul de sac so there won’t be many, if any, random trick or treaters so I usually don’t turn my light on.  Sometimes kids will come ring the bell anyway so I always have some candy on hand for that.  When we were little we knew that porch light off meant no trick or treating at that house but I guess not everyone tells their kids that.  Also, we went trick or treating by ourselves a lot.  Can you even imagine that?  And of course we didn’t know the people who’s houses we went to, we just went.  They were our neighbors so that made them safe lol.  The first several years of taking our kids, we only went to people we knew personally but the last couple of years we didn’t always know the people personally but we checked their candy very well and it was “the” trick or treating neighborhood so of course we had to go 🙂  Except for the house that had the light on but a note on the door telling us that Halloween was of the devil and they didn’t participate.  I have absolutely no problem with that way of thinking if that’s what you believe but for goodness sakes, don’t turn your light on and let some 5 year think they were getting candy but instead a shaming.  I guess they felt they were getting an extra jewel in their crown for that form of witnessing to us devil worshipping heathens…..whatever!  LOL!

So on that note, however you choose to celebrate this holiday, have a fun and safe time 🙂


October 30, 2007

Tuesday’s 10

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10 things sitting on my desk right now

1.  my digital camera

2.  my kids’ digital camera (which is really my old one)

3.  the remote for the TV

4.  a cool coaster made from the “Rumours” album from my friend Sandy

5.  my phone (why do they tell you not to install a cordless phone next to your computer-I’ve always done this)

6.  2 AA rechargeable batteries (I have no idea if they are charged or dead lol)

7.  a pair of earphones

8.  the lens cap that should be ON my camera

9.  my modem

10.  my mousepad and mouse

October 25, 2007

My first job

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I visited Rhonda’s blog this morning and she said she didn’t have anything to blog about and wanted us to ask her a question so I asked her about her first job.  I log in to write my post for the day and couldn’t think of a thing to write about so now I’ll be writing about my first job lol!

I was 16 and a sophmore in high school when I started working for JC Penneys.  My department was credit/catalog/giftwrapping and yes, I can wrap a mean gift!  Did you know that before there was an 800 number to order from the Penney’s catalog, you actually called the store and gave that information to a real live person who filled in a form with a pen, as in NO COMPUTER?  This also means that if an order you placed was on backorder, you had to wait a few days to find that information out.  When I started working, the company was in the middle of setting up the 800 number system so I don’t remember taking too many orders that way but the other ladies told me that during the Christmas season, they had a girl that sat under the counter and took orders over the phone all day long. 

My immediate bosses were 2 older ladies and they were very “old school” about everything.  They had both been with the company 20+ years so they knew everything there was to know about customer service so this was a good thing for me.  I think I learned very good skills from the both of them.  I had a few other co workers but mostly I worked in the evenings by myself and Saturdays from 12-9.  I think I also worked most of the Sundays by myself also.  The only downfall was that other employees weren’t trained to work in our department because there was so much more to do and the older ladies didn’t work nights so it was pretty much impossible to get an evening off.  That sucked but that’s the life of a working stiff I guess.  Actually, even thinking about it now, it makes me a little mad because there was a week-end that I wanted off to so that I could go with my classmates while they took their Cosmetology exam but they wouldn’t let me off and I had to miss out.  Those girls had fun too and I didn’t get to be there LOL! 

Now, here’s a story for you and I can’t believe I am telling this.  When I was a junior in high school, one of the girls I worked with was in her early 20s and we were friends.  She was the one who trained me and after she left we continued to be friends.  She was older and had a cool car, so why wouldn’t we?  Also, she was over 21 so she could buy alcohol.  Sssh….don’t tell.  Anyway, she bought me a 4 pack of wine coolers and brought them up to me because I had never had any before (and rightfully so, considering I was only 17)and wanted to try them.  I asked her how in the world did she think I was going to take them home because someone was going to see them.  I then get the bright idea to giftwrap them in a box and take them home, saying that I had bought a present for a friend if anyone asks.  I was as nervous as a cat that I was going to get caught but I didn’t.  Even when I was standing up front with the other employees, waiting on my ride, I was just sure someone, somehow was going to be able to tell that I was carrying a box of alcohol!  I can’t believe I did something so foolish but as the time I didn’t see it that way.

Another thing that happened while I worked there was that one of the guys who was training to be a manager actually staged a break in on a Saturday night and robbed the store!  The police knew right away that it was an inside job because the whole that was cut in the roof of the building was too small for someone to crawl through and the window to the office where the vault/safe was, was broken from the inside of the room.  Hello!!!!!  This employee showed up for work Monday morning as if everything was normal!  After the police got him to confess, he took them to his house, where he had dug a hole and buried the money.  This was a really nice guy, married to a really nice lady and I never in a million years would have ever thought he would do something like that.  It goes to show that you never know about people.  Come to find out, he had written thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of bogus cash refunds and pocketed the money.  Needless to say, things were done much differently paper wise in that store from that day on.

So that’s the story of my first job.  I ended up working there until about 6 months after I graduated high school but during my senior year I had picked up another job at an optical store so I was a senior in high school with two part time jobs.  I would have quit at Penneys but it was an easy job, and I liked the extra money and by the spring of my senior year, I was living with a roommate (the one who bought me the wine coolers lol) so I had bills to pay.  I learned at a very young age that money does indeed make the world go ’round!  🙂

October 24, 2007

Thought for the Day

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“Be a good listener.  Your ears will never get you into trouble.”    Frank Tyger

Isn’t this an awesome quote?  I love it!  We should all practice, practice, practice our listening skills. 

October 22, 2007


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Yesterday, 91 degrees and very high south winds.

Today, 52 and very high north winds.

It’s Texas so I can definitely say “brrrr” to 52 degrees 🙂 

October 17, 2007

Contrary to popular belief….

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I do not need to buy watches, penis elargement products, any other type of pharmaceutical products or software.  I’m also not in the market to “win” a new laptop or “claim” any gift cards from any department stores. 

I can’t believe how much of this type of junk mail I get every single day in my inbox.  I’ve tried blocking  all of the emails but that’s impossible because they just keep coming.  As wonderful as the internet is, I guess there is always going to be people out there that can find a way to ruin it huh? 

October 16, 2007

Tuesday’s 10

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I am…

1.  a wife

2.  a mother

3.  a friend

4.  a daughter

5.  a childcare provider

6.  a book lover

7.  an optimist

8.  a pessimist

9.  a crafter of many things

10.  a silly dreamer 🙂

October 12, 2007


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I love the blogging world.  I love sitting down everyday and catching up on all my daily blog reading, which is taking up a lot of my time lately but that’s ok though.  I am trying to make a better effort to comment more too.  I feel really guilty when I don’t get to read everyone’s everyday lol.  Why?  I guess I’m afraid I’m going to hurt someone’s feelings.  It’s just like when I give a book review on here, I’m so hesitant to say something negative because I can envision the author stumbling upon my lowly little site and getting their feelings hurt because I didn’t like their book.  I am sooooo pathetic! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful week-end.  I have started a new project….a denim rag quilt and I’m so excited about it.  I’m going to maybe embroider a few simple designs on some of the squares and then write notes to my family on others.  I hope the girls will want to add some notes of their own too.  Well…..I guess it depends on what kind of notes they want to write, huh? 

And speaking of kids, my daughter I mentioned yesterday did manage to clean her room.  Of course she did, it’s Friday which means she must want to go somewhere tonight.  She came and asked to go out to end with her friend’s family last night and I told her no so maybe, just maybe, she had a light bulb moment that if she ever wanted to leave this house again, she might want to make an effort in there.  Gotta love that kid! 

Have a wonderful, wonderful Friday and thanks for taking the time to stop by and read my ramblings 🙂

October 11, 2007

Kid Logic

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One of my children is a slob.  It hurts me to say this but she is.  I love her, she’s got some great qualities but when it comes to taking the initiative to pick something up she doesn’t have it.  She’s never had it and at the age of almost 16, I don’t think she’s going to get it either.  I actually went in her room and took pictures but I would die of shame to post them on here because I feel like it is such a reflection on me.

I’m sure you’re thinking how bad can it be but you will just have to trust me to tell you it’s really bad.  You can’t walk in her room because of all the dirty (and sometimes clean) clothes on the floor.  I think whatever is in her hand is just dropped when she’s done with it because every day I see her make up on the floor.  I opened her desk drawer and it’s over flowing with candy and food wrappers.  Also, my child is a packrat because she saves everything.  Every one of her dresser and desk drawers is filled to capacity with tiny scraps of paper, etc.  Don’t be alarmed, she’s not suffering from OCD…she’s simply too lazy to go throw something in the trash.  I found tags to clothes that were purchased at the beginning of the school year and the little gel packets that are put in items before they are purchased I think maybe to absorb moisture.  I’m really not sure of what their purpose is, but I am pretty sure that you are supposed to be thrown away in the trash can, not your desk drawer.

My husband and I have waffled for years on dealing with this issue.  We’ve gone from complete authority, ‘you have to keep this room clean” to “it’s your room and as long as I don’t have to see it, I don’t care”.  I think basically we are still in the latter mode but from time to time I send her in to clean it.  Just as I did 4 days ago and it’s still not clean.  She asked me last night for permission to go some place and I told her no that she was asked days ago to take care of her room and hasn’t done that yet so she’s not going anywhere. 

Now, common sense would tell you that I probably mean that she’s not going anywhere until it’s clean, right?  Ask me if she’s done one single thing in there….go ahead and ask me.  The answer is no she has not.  I’m not quite sure what she’s waiting for but I tell you what I’m waiting for.  I’m waiting for her to ask me to go to the movies tomorrow night or the church lock in because do you want to know what my answer will be?  It will be no and that precious child of mine is going to look at me like she’s never heard me ask her to clean that room.  I just know it.  Sometimes the kid’s logic, or lack of in this case, astounds me. 

October 9, 2007

Joy, Joy, Joy

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This is my kitchen bookshelf
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and this is my kitchen bookshelf making me smile 🙂
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