March 25, 2008

Random search

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Can someone explain to me how you can type in “my husband spanks me” into your search bar and be directed to my site??  LOLOLOL!!!!!  No offense to people with that lifestyle but that’s not how we roll in this house. 

Tuesday’s 10

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10 Things Rocking my World Right Now

1.  The purple tulip plant my hubby bought me “just because”

2.  Loreal Clean Definition Telescopic Mascara-no clumps people, no clumps!

3.  Lovely perfume by SJP

4.  Dove Cream Oil body lotion-this is the best lotion ever

5.  General’s Charcoal White pencil for drawing the pattern to quilt on the quilt I am working on (now THAT sounds redundant but you know what I mean)

6.  Arm & Hammer Plus with OxyClean laundry soap-the Fresh Scent is my favorite

7.  Fresh strawberries sprinkled with sugar-I’m not really a fresh fruit person at all so I am trying to be better about that and I’m aware that putting sugar on them isn’t the best thing to do but they are too sour without it so at least I am eating them, right?

8.  My closet because I cleaned it out yesterday.

9.  John Frieda shampoo

10.  Fusible quilt batting 🙂

March 24, 2008

The short version of the last week

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-Finished reading “Rhett Butler’s People” and it was awesome!  If you are a fan of “Gone With the Wind” then you should read this book.

-Watched “Gone Baby Gone” and recommend it…….WOW.  I’m not easily impressed with movies but this is a good one.

-My right index finger is so friggen sore from quilting I can barely type.  And speaking of typing, this new keyboard is a little different from my other one so my typing is not going well, sore finger or not.

-My plans for the day have changed about 4 times so far but I was able to recover and clean out some clothes that I no longer wear.  Clearing out stuff always makes me feel centered……just better somehow 🙂  When the kidlets nap I will gather more things to get rid of and finishing cleaning out my closets.

-Now that I’ve gotten rid of more than half my clothes I need to go clothes shopping. 

-We are waiting to see if my husband’s union will go on strike next week so the shopping trip will most likely wait until we get definite word.  Cross your fingers that all goes well.

-Got a call from my sister that my 97 year old Grandmother is not doing well.  I may have to write a separate entry about this subject but I’ll have to find the time to do that.

-My husband brought me the most lovely tulip plant for my bay window!  I feel so springy!

-My dog is being naughtier than ever and is now banished to her kennel for digging holes in the yard again.  Seriously…..she’s 3 years old, will she ever stop doing this?  She can go for months and not dig a single spot and then one day freak out and till up half the backyard.  Hubby is not amused or understanding of this at all.  Lucy better be glad I’m here to save her or else she would probably be finding herself a new address! 

March 18, 2008

A New Day

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You see the storm clouds gather and you know,

you just know in your soul,

that a storm is gathering around.

It may sweep you up,

it may whirl you around and turn you upside down

but in the end it will set you down


You will look around and see you are in a different place.

Not necessarily a bad place,

just a different place and this,


is where you begin again.

A brand new start, but what’s more than that,

you begin with the strength you absorbed from that storm,

that wild, whirling storm

that fed your soul,

that lifted you higher and brought you lower

and made you stronger

than you ever knew you could be.

So stand up, look around,


and start on your way.

March 14, 2008

Some things are better left unsaid

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I saw this over at my bloggy buddy Beckie’s and knew I had to do it.

1.  You’ve always thought you were better than me but you’re not, you are just a petty person that wants to brag about what you have and how much you paid for it.  By the way, I know all about car and house repos, no matter how you try to spin it.

2.  I know it bugs you that I can’t stand you and that’s ok with me.  I can’t believe I ever wasted a minute of my time trying to get to know you. 

3.  You are the most miserable, complaining person I have ever met.  Just seeing your face brings my energy level down to about zero.  If you would take about 3 minutes out of your day to find something positive to reflect on, you would probably feel a lot better.

4.  I don’t ask how you are doing because I don’t have time for a 15 minute conversation listing all your ailments.

5.  You’ve talked so much crap about your Mother’s life and guess what……you are in the same boat she is. 

6.  It’s really, really hard for me to sympathize with your money problems when I see your acrylic nails and highlighted hair. 

7.  Do you really expect your kids to know how to act in public when you have no control over them at home?

8.  Why do you ask my advice?  Not only are you not going to take it, you are going to tell me why my way won’t work.  It’s a waste of both of our time.

Wow…..I feel GREAT! 

March 13, 2008

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What did I put out there today

I wondered to myself. 

Did my face show peace and happiness

or did it show impatience and irritability?

Did I sigh out loud as I waited for the brand new driver to turn

or did I silently will confidence to him?

When I heard juicy gossip about a friend

did I say a quick prayer for them

or did I pick up the phone and repeat it?

Did I fixate on the one thing my kids didn’t do

instead of being delighted about the things they did?

Remember to smile, be thankful

and appreciate the small, wonderful things in life.