I’m a wife, mother, child care provider, book lover, scrapbooker, wanna be quilter and music nut all wrapped up in one!  Life is busy but wonderful and I think each day is an opportunity to learn something new and continue growing.  I’m pushing the big 4-0 and maybe that is what makes me more philosophical these days, ya think? 


  1. Lady Luck said,

    Hey Marla,

    40 – 50 are the best years in your life, in my book. You have usually learned so much about life and your self; you know what you like and don’t like – and importantly you’re confident enough to be able to say, “No” if backed into a corner you don’t want to be in!

    So look forward to the next decade – it will be just great. And looking at your photo you will be fabulous at forty!

    (PS I’m fabulous at fifty!!)

  2. jeanetteramirez said,

    Thought I would return the view…Your 40 questions are hilarious…and slightly familiar-scary that I can identify with so many of them! 🙂
    Hope you liked what you read on my blog…I promise to return the favor.

  3. James said,

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