November 28, 2007

Happy hump day

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It’s Wednesday already??  Happy hump day to ya 🙂  I don’t have anything exciting or even romotely interesting to share, so I’ll just post a picture and call it a day.  That’s the blogging version of “phoning it in” LOL!  Here’s one of Haley I took a couple of months ago.
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Here’s Holly looking a little emo
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And here’s Heather and her bird Jasper, goofing around
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Edited to add that obviously I do not know how to resize pictures to post them with photobucket so the top and bottom ones suck…..sorry LOL! Some days you just gotta laugh about it and promise yourself that you’ll learn how, or rather, get your kids to show you how to do it tomorrow 🙂

November 26, 2007

Here we go

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We’re all done with the Thanksgiving hoopla and now we are on to Christmas. The tree is up, the house is decorated and I’ve purchased a few gifts so we are off to a good start. I didn’t do the Friday morning, get up at the crack of dawn, shopping this year. I pretty much know everything I’m going to purchase and none of those things were on sale anyway so why bother? One of the malls in this area actually opened up at midnight on Thursday to begin the season. Can you believe that?

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday break. Mine was nice, sans finding out one of my children has been making some very, very poor choices lately. Just when you think everything is smooth sailing….boom. Such is the life with teens I guess. You know when they are small you joke about how you wish they came with an instruction manual? Those thoughts resurface during puberty lol. Other than that, the Thanksgiving holiday was very nice. We had a nice dinner and enjoyed having a few days off. I hope yours was nice as well.

November 21, 2007

Well it’s about time!

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Finally the weather is feeling like fall instead of summer.  Yesterday we were in the 80’s again but today, down in the 50’s.  And as a plus, the leaves are blowing out of the yard instead of piling up in front of the steps 🙂  Gotta love that.

I’m sure everyone is busy getting ready for tomorrow.  I think I’ll make the cornbread tonight and cut up a few things so I can throw it all together in the morning.  I always start getting nervous about what might go wrong.  What if the turkey doesn’t get done all the way through?  Of course I have and use a meat thermometer but I’m just saying.  What if I totally screw up the dressing?  I don’t go by a recipe, I just throw a little of this and that in the pan and cook it.  What if the topping for the sweet potatoes doesn’t have the right consistency, again, no recipe followed.   What if I’ve forgotten something and have to make a mad dash for the store in the morning?  I’m such a freak!  LOL!  I know it shouldn’t be about any of those things but I don’t want to be one of “those” stories that gets repeated every year.  “Remember the year Marla made the dressing and it was dry as a bone or tasted like I don’t know what?”  I so don’t want to be one of those stories!  So I am sending out some good cooking and transporting food vibes out to all you ladies and I hope you are sending some out to me also.   

Enjoy your day and take a moment to reflect on all  the things you are thankful for.