September 10, 2008

It’s a love/hate thing

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I want to start by saying that I am extremely thankful that I have health insurance.  I remember the early days when the girls were little and we didn’t have it for a time so I know how that feels and I don’t take having it for granted.  So while I am thankful to have it, I get very frustrated at the system and it’s not easy to place blame.  Do I blame the Dr.’s for the outrageous price of health care, do I blame the insurance companies for the run around they give trying to get out of paying, do I blame the lawyers who file the friviolous lawsuits that drive those costs up or do I blame office workers who have defrauded the insurance companies out of millions?  Are we all sharing this blame?  In one way or another, we are all paying for it.

Here’s my rant this morning.  My oldest daughter is required to have a physical to participate in drill team.  The school offers this one day a year for free but rather than stand in the hot gym for a few hours, I decide that it’s worth my copay of $15 to just go in to the Dr’s office.   Thankfully since I have insurance, that’s all I have to pay and that’s worth it to me.

I got the statement from my insurance company yesterday and couldn’t believe my eyes.  I assume a physical for school would be billed the same as a regular office visit.  I think that runs about $65 in my Dr’s office.  They don’t do any blood work or any other type of lab screening.  Basically, he asks her some questions about rapid breathing or heart beat, makes her bend down and touch her toes a couple of times and feels around on her abdomen.  Pretty basic stuff, right?  It’s actually less time with her than if she were sick.  Don’t get me wrong, I like our doctor so this rant isn’t about him personally.  Just imagine my surprise when I see that this visit is actually $170!!!!  After the “discount” given because he is a participating provider, his office billed my insurance $95 and then I made the $15 copay.  Isn’t that insane?????? 

Like most issues, I know what the problem is, I’m just clueless as to how to go about fixing it.  Apparently so do those in charge because the problem isn’t getting better, it’s getting worse.   We’ve been very blessed to not have had anything very serious come up health related but the few trips we’ve made to the emergency room have usually resulted in lots of correspondence with the insurance company, convincing them to pay what they owe.   Several years ago my oldest daughter was turning cartwheels on the front lawn and landed on her elbow which resulted in an ER trip.  I had to write in detail what exactly happened and where before they would pay.  Of course they were hoping that this happened on someone else’s property so they could sue the homeowner’s insurance for payment but in the end, they had to pay.  It’s all about passing the buck with insurance companies these days.  I think most people don’t want to sue others but sometimes our own insurance companies give us no choice. 

And that’s my rant for the day, done without a Diet Coke no less!  Off to the kitchen to crack one open and get this day started right!  🙂

September 9, 2008

And so it goes….

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I found out last Friday, officially, that my two little guys, J and K, would not be returning to my daycare.  They’ve been gone for 5 weeks and I’ve been waiting, hoping that Mom would get a job and my little sweeties would come back to me.  As it turns out, she’s going to stay home with them.  I know this is good news for their family and we are happy for them but we miss J and K very much.  I’m the only baby sitter each of them has ever had.  J came when he was 4 months old and K came when she was 6 weeks so they are very much a part of our family.  Unfortunately, that’s how my business goes sometimes.

On the upside, I had a new little guy start today.  I have had his older brother since he was 4 months (he’s  now 2 1/2) and the only reason why I didn’t get new baby was because I didn’t have an opening for him.   So thankfully I had at least one lined up to fill my empty spots and his Mom and Dad are happy they don’t have to drop off and pick up at two different places everyday 🙂  His family is a good fit for my family so this is a blessing for me and I’m thankful.  Today went very smoothly and hello…….who doesn’t love a 6 week old baby????  Someone new for me to love.

I haven’t been able to work on my quilt in at least a week so I’m in withdrawal.  Hopefully we will get this whole buying/selling house business worked out and can stop being in limbo and have a plan to move forward.  I know, I know, it’s been less than a week already but I’m not good with waiting and wondering.

August 31, 2008

Love is patient, love is kind

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I don’t claim to be a perfect parent by any means.  I know we all have those less than stellar parenting moments that you hope no one witnesses but I want to share with you the most pitiful experience I witnessed on Friday night.

At the football game Friday night, a family/group of people sat down a few rows ahead of us.  There was a Dad, Mom, two female friends and two small little boys, 4ish and 6ish.  In case you didn’t already know, football games are boring to kids (and some adults, ahem).  They don’t get what’s going on and it’s two and half hours of trying to entertain yourself.  These parents/adults wanted their kids to sit still and look straight ahead.  Yeah, right.  They never talked to these boys except to make mean faces and repeatedly say, “no, stop, don’t, or I’m about to get you” and usually a smack on the leg went along with that.  They didn’t try to engage these kids, entertain them, play with them, nothing.  The younger boy had a small stuffed animal that he was playing with and was tossing it down a couple of rows, walking down to get it, then tossing it back up to the original spot.  He wasn’t bother anyone, wasn’t getting in anyone’s way or anything.  Mean face Daddy takes notice, got up, snatched the toy up, never saying a word to the boy but making a very stern face at him and then keeps the stuffed animal.  You should have seen the little boy’s face fall.  It was so sad. 

The whole scenario just made me sad for those boys.  I’m not kidding when I say that those adults never once spoke to those kids except to get on to them.  They certainly never smiled at them or were kind to them in anyway.  They gave no indication in the two and half hours that I was behind them that those kids were anything to them but an annoyance.   As I said before, I know we all have moments that we hope no one witnesses but my goodness, I would hate for someone to watch me for two and half hours and wonder why I even had kids!  There was a small group of pre teen boys sitting behind this man and apparently they were being too loud and he makes a big show of turning all the way around and giving them a very menacing look.  At this point I really just wanted to push him all the way down to the bottom of the bleachers!  I know, not very neighborly of me, is it?  The sad thing is, in a few years (if not already) those boys will feel the same way about their Dad that I did.  What else is he teaching them?  It breaks my heart to think about it.

August 28, 2008

Fly away little birdies

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I miss these little guys!  Way back in the spring, we had a mama dove build a nest up on the header beam of our patio and it’s been used  three different times to raise little birdy families.  I’ve been such an absolute nut about it…..these are just two of the countless photos I’ve taken of them.  The mama (or I guess it could be the daddy) sits in the nest for about three weeks solid.  I don’t really know how long it takes for the eggs to hatch but I know it’s almost a month before we get to see the babies.  Once we see them though, it’s about a week or so and then they are gone.  Aren’t they cute?  I would climb up on the counter and snap pictures through my kitchen window so I wouldn’t disturb them.  The family before this one I actually got to see the babies after they left the nest.  I wish I had gotten to see them actually fly away for the first time but I didn’t.  When I did see them, they were hanging around on the swingset.  I was amazed at how big they were!  I was determined to see these little guys make their first flight but that didn’t happen either.  I had been out running errands and when I got home and checked on them, the nest was empty.  I was so disappointed!! 

About a week before these little guys flew away, I noticed this ritual they did with their Mom every day.  All three of them would put their beaks together and sway in a circle.  It was the oddest thing I’ve ever seen!  They did this several times a day.  And yes, I spent lots and lots of time just watching these guys which I know makes me sound pathetic but I couldn’t help myself.  My family was beginning to get a little worried I think.  I wonder if all mama birds do this with their babies or if it was just this one and if it has any meaning?

I miss this little birdy family.  I looked forward to getting up and seeing them every morning.  I’ve had several doves sit up in that nest in the last few weeks but so far none of them have stayed.  I was hoping to get one more little family up there before fall but I don’t think that’s going to happen.  Maybe next spring 🙂

August 27, 2008

Off they go

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Monday was the girls’ first day back to school.  Haley is a senior and Heather and Holly are juniors.  Unbelievable!  I have taken a picture of them on their first day of school since kindergarten and they never seem to get any happier about that fact!  Oh well, I’m the Mom and we will do as I say when it comes to taking pictures.  Besides, this is Haley’s last year and Heather and Holly only have one more time to endure this tradition.

What makes this year very different for me is the fact that Haley is driving them all to school in her car.  I  have driven them practically every single day of their school career and now I’m not.  One part of me is happy about not having to deal with the morning rush but the other part of me is very sad that they are doing this on their own….without me.   I actually teared up a little as they pulled away from the curb.

July 22, 2008

Family fun

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It’s not often that all five of us do something together…..willingly at least… going to see “The Dark Knight” was kind of a big deal for us.  That’s what we did on Sunday on it was fun.  Poor hubby had worked an 18 hour shift so we were going to postpone until later in the week but he didn’t want to spoil anyone’s fun so he napped for a few hours, went to the movies and then went back to work as soon as it was over.  He’s such a guy!  I could write a whole other entry about him but I’ll save it for another time.   I will say that I hope my daughter’s find a husband as good as the one I’ve got 🙂

The movie was good and it’s a shame that Heath Ledger isn’t here to see how people are loving what he created.  Too young and too soon.  My oldest daughter has loved him forever.  I have been looking at pictures on her walls for years so needless to say, she was really sad when he passed away.  I can relate…..I still miss Andy Gibb!  If you don’t know who I’m talking about then you’re probably too young to be reading my blog.  Just kidding!

Another fun family thing I’ve done, although just with my twins so far, is to play Disney’s Scene It game.  It’s really fun and I can’t wait until all of us sit down and play.  We love Disney 🙂  I used some of my “My Points” for gift cards and saved $20 on the purchase so of course I love it that much more lol.

Speaking of My Points, if you aren’t familar with it, you should check it out.   It’s an online program you sign up for and they send you several emails a day and all you do is click on the link and earn points.  Usually it’s 5 points but sometimes more depending on what it is.  If you sign up for different things then you earn more but all I ever do is click on the link.  These points accumulate then you cash them in for different rewards.  Usually I redeem them for Starbucks or Wal-Mart cards.  There are many different things to choose from…Target, Linens & Things, etc.   You can also shop online and earn points for every dollar spent at various sites.  Again, all I usually do is click.  I’ve been doing it for a few years and have earned several gift cards along the way.  It’s a good way to pick up a little extra “cash” from time to time and who doesn’t want that?  You can check them out at

Bonus…..I was off by 3:15 today!  I know I was just off for two whole days but there is just something about getting off early and double bonus when it’s unexpected.  I love that!

July 20, 2008

Heartbreak Hotel

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I knew it was inevitable having three teen age daughters so here we are dealing with our first real broken heart.  Of course I’m really sad to see my child so upset but a small part of me is a little relieved.  I want them to be happy and have good relationships but I also don’t want to see them tied to one person and miss out on just being a teen.  I know this will all be ok but being the 16 year old girl with a broken heart, you don’t see that.  I remember being dumped at that age by the “love of my life” and it really stinks.

It’s interesting to see the advice the other two are giving their sister.  One daughter has been telling her to dump him for two weeks.  Apparently he’s been wanting to break up and when he finally did, he told her that he had been trying to make her mad for the past two weeks so she would break up with him.  Don’t you remember how silly and childish you could be at that age?    Looks like sister was right all along 🙂

My heartbroken one, of course, wants to get back together with him and he told her he wants to come over on Sunday evening when he gets back in town so they can talk.  I was talking about it with my oldest daughter and she was agreeing with me that him coming over is not a good idea.  She told me that if she were in that situation and ex boyfriend wanted to come over she would tell him “suck it, you aren’t coming to my house.”  LOL!  Now THAT’S my child!  I will never forget when she was in about the third grade she had a “boyfriend” at school and she got mad at him on the playground and she told him “when I count to three, it’s over…….two…three…IT’S OVER”.  This child takes absolutely no gruff from anyone and I love that about her.  I told her that my advice to her sister was probably falling on deaf ears but to feel free and talk to her all she wants because she will heed her words more than mine at this point.

I know that there is a good chance they will end up dating again so I’m not saying too much at this point.  He handled the breaking up badly but hey, he’s a 17 year old boy so what do you expect?  These are lessons we all have had to learn in life and while I see it for what it is…..a high school break up…..I understand that for her, it’s her whole world so I’m picking my words carefully and trying to stay as neutral as possible.  I wouldn’t want to have to go through that age again for anything!

July 16, 2008

Rain, glorious rain

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I’m so happy right now because it’s raining.  Not just a little shower, this is a full on down pour and I hope it lasts for a couple of hours at least 🙂  We need it so badly right now.

Thankfully, hubby didn’t wash the cars or else I wouldn’t be relishing this quite so much lol.

Guess what I was supposed to do today?  Serve jury duty!  I called last night and was told it was cancelled so I didn’t have to do it.  it’s not that I didn’t want to, because I think it would have been interesting, but I hate to put my daycare parents in a position that they have to find someone else to take care of their children or take off from work.  Actually, the parents of one of my little guys are both attorneys so they of course understand and didn’t have a problem with it but did try and get me out of having to serve.  It didn’t work though and if the trial wasn’t cancelled I would have been pleading my case with the judge this morning to try and get excused.  Maybe some day I will have a “normal” job where all I have to do is make one call to my boss and tell them I won’t be in due to jury duty.

Not much else is happening in my world lately.  I’ve almost finished quilting my blanket and hopefully will be able to start the binding tomorrow.  I read on someone’s blog (sorry, I can’t remember who’s) recently that they sewed the binding to the back of the quilt and then used a decorative stitch to sew it down on the front so I thought I might try that and see if I like it.  It would certainly save a lot of time!  I’ll share pictures when I’m done.

Still raining 🙂

July 7, 2008

Playland Etiquette

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It’s been so flipping hot here that we haven’t really played outside much, which is not a good thing.  Last Thursday, Hubby and I loaded up my three daycare kidlets and off we went to Chick-fil-A for a little snack and some fun in their play area.  When my kids were little we spent many hours playing in these type places but I had forgotten a few things.

Some people think turning their little ones out to the play area means they are totally fine by themselves.  Why they think this I do not know because it’s mass chaos out there and there is always one or two of “those” kids who really, really need some supervision.  I am not about to say that I was the perfect, supervising Mother with my own kids but I was at least on hand, within earshot or line of vision to see what was going on.   We had two out there calling the other kids names, blocking the entrance to the slide and, my favorite, climbing on the outside of the structure.  Both Moms are chatting away inside the restaurant without a care in the world.  That just drives me crazy.  Hubby and I both had to make a few comments to them and as they were leaving, we heard one of them “telling” on us lol.  We were very nice and respectful and know that it really wasn’t our place to do but for goodness sakes if we didn’t, who would?  After spending a few minutes with these boys I think I can understand why their Mother’s turned them loose out there.  They probably needed a break!

June 27, 2008

Almost, but not quite, Stevie sighting

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First of all I want to say that I’m so thankful this week is over because it’s been a tough one.  One of my kidlets has given me absolute fits the past three days and I was happy to hand her off to her grandfather this afternoon.  I absolutely love this kid to pieces but by 5:00 I was ready to hand her off to just about anyone that showed up at my door!

So while they were napping this afternoon I have the TV on “Yes, Dear” and it’s an episode with Travis Tritt and Trace Adkins guest starring as work release prisoners (is that even how you would phrase that??) and at the end they performed “Jailhouse Rock” and who do I spy playing guitar?  Mr. Waddy Wachtel!  If you are familiar with any of Stevie Nicks’ solo shows, you know who Waddy is.

Around 4:45 this afternoon as I was counting the minutes waiting patiently for parents to show up and collect their kids, I turn on Disney’s “The Country Bears” to keep them quiet entertained and the bears start singing and my ears perk up.  I say to myself, “that sounds just like Bonnie Raitt and Don Henley”, so I look up at the Tv to see them doing a cameo in the audience as these big furry bears are singing.  LOL!  I thought it was cute but I think we’ve established how simple my life is and apparently it doesn’t take much to impress me.  You know my love for Ms. Nicks so of course I had to comment on it.

And so that has been my day.  I did see that my oldest daughter (who is staying at her Dad’s during the week and coming here on the week-ends for the summer) has posted a bulletin on My Space that said her day was pretty much crap.  That’s a definite heads up that she will be a joy to talk to this evening.  I think I may just retire to my room until morning lol!  For all of you Moms out there there with adorable, darling, sweet little girls, I hope you are thoroughly enjoying every minute of them because believe me when I say that will change someday soon.  Trust me on this 😉


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