June 18, 2009


Posted in Uncategorized at 2:39 am by sillydreamer

I don’t have any pictures to share yet but I am finally doing some machine quilting!  I’m so excited to finally get around to trying my hand at this.  I definitely need practice but I’m already seeing an improvement from when I first started the quilt.  As a matter of fact, I am even going back and taking some of the original stitching out and doing it over.  Next on my list to try is applique.  I’ve seen some of the cutest quilts that have been appliqued so I want to try my hand at that also.  Thank you to all the bloggers out there that have shared their tips on both of  these topics because they have been very helpful to me.


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  1. Beckie said,

    I found machine quilting really difficult. I have a hard time making even stitches. I haven’t tried for a long time – maybe I would have more patience now.

    Applique is a lot of fun. I have had a couple of applique quilts on the work table for a long time. Of course I only do machine applique – I’m not so good at hand work.

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