June 16, 2009

An Expensive Lesson

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I am 40 years old so you would think I know not to assume things, right?  Wrong!  The only defense I have is that thankfully we have been very blessed to be healthy and therefore I am not insurance savvy.

One of my daughter’s has been having some tummy issues for awhile so we took her in to see our family physician.  He in turn refers her to another Dr. who orders a colonoscopy.  The first thing they always do is check your insurance.  Yes, we take it and this is what your copay is.  We schedule the procedure and again we are told it’s accepted and here is what your copay is.

I need to stop and commend my daughter on what a little trooper she was for the whole thing.  The procedure itself wasn’t bad at all, it’s the prep for it.  First of all she could only have liquids the day before.  That was terrible but she never once complained she was hungry.  I would have complained so much I probably would have been sick of the sound of my own voice but she was awesome.  Then she had to down all that nasty medicine.  Again, not a word of complaint.

So the insurance bills have been trickeling  in with no problems until yesterday.  There was a pending status on a pretty steep one so hubby got on the phone to ask some questions.   Turns out that yes, the Dr accepted our insurance but he wasn’t an in network provider, nor was the facility that the procedure was perfored in.  We blindly assumed that he was because our Dr had referred us to him.  Of course  in hindsight it makes perfect sense to question that but at the time we never gave it a thought.  The difference for us could mean a few thousand dollars instead of less than $200 as we were led to believe.  Pretty expensive lesson, huh.

My daughter is doing better.  The Dr believes she has irritable bowel syndrome with constipation so he put her on a medicine that seems to be helping so this is a good thing.  You can’t put a price on your health, period.  It doesn’t matter what it costs us, we will pay it and be thankful that is all that is wrong with her but it would have been nice to do this over and ask a simple question first and not just assume that a copay is all that is owed.  I hope my mistake saves someone some pennies 🙂



  1. Beckie said,

    They ALWAYS get me on the facility cost and it’s always expensive! It drives me nuts.

  2. sillydreamer said,

    It’s so insane! I feel so dumb for not even thinking of it before but nothing can be done about it now. Live and learn and I did learn 🙂

  3. Author said,

    I’m sorry to hear your daughter has been unwell – I hope she is feeling better.
    That must have been a painful lesson learned re the insurance. What a pity.

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