April 29, 2009

The Love Quilt is Done

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love-quilt-001love-quilt-backThe Love Quilt is done!!!  I used two Flirtations charm packs from Moda and then bought solid red, brown, pink and natural muslin to box around the squares.  The backing is solid natural muslin and then a row of the other colors for that extra little pretty 🙂


embroidery-love-quiltAnd because I love him so 🙂  It looks a little misshapen but it lays much flatter in real life. 

lovequilt-bindingNot too crazy about the binding as I think the print is too large and would have looked better with smaller dots but I’m leaving it.  I actually hand stitched the binding down instead of doing the decorative stitch that I usually do and I was happy with how that turned out.


April 8, 2009

Is it just me…..

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or is everyone having a hard time blogging these days?  Is it the weather or what?  I want to post something everyday but am hard pressed to find anything worthwhile to talk about.

Life is rolling along gently and that’s a good thing.  Oldest daughter is winding down her senior year with prom, banquets and she had her final drill team show this past week-end.  She’s bottom row, middle.  springshow09-041



And not that you can tell who she is from this photo, I just think it looks cool!

silhouetteI could post many more but I won’t bore you lol.