March 12, 2009


Posted in Uncategorized at 1:00 pm by sillydreamer

On Saturday, hubby and I were working very hard adding blowing extra insulation into our attic.  We didn’t plan on this happening.ceiling  Hubby’s foot slipped and went right through the ceiling!!!  Thankfully  he didn’t get hurt, just some scrapes and bruises but oh what a mess!  ceiling2We just had to laugh it off and keep going though.  We’ve gotten all the mess cleaned up and the hole is patched and ready to texture so it turned out alright.  I’m glad he’s handy and could do all that without us having to hire someone 🙂



  1. Susan said,

    I guess if you *have* to put your put through the ceiling, the closet is the place to do it. Now I’m once again wishing my husband would be handier (he CAN, he just doesn’t. At least he’ll fix my computer!)

    Really sweet deal on the sewing machine too…I like it a LOT!

  2. Author said,

    Oops indeed. Easily done though. Like your hub, mine is very handy, which is just as well when things like this happen. LOL!

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