February 11, 2009

It takes all kinds

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Last night was our annual home owner’s association meeting where we are given an accounting of where our money is going.   We are very new to this game so our plan is to just sit back, listen and watch.   There were 5 couples, including us and 3 individuals that attended.  Quite a bit of griping about this and that but whatever.  It is our money and we are entitled to that.


At the end of the meeting it was kind of an open floor type thing where the personal issues are addressed……basketball goals being left on the sidewalk, people parking and blocking a portion of the sidewalk, trash being left in the park, and people building sheds and other structures before getting permission.  Blah, blah.  Again, we do have the right to say something if it violates our by laws.  The thing that really got me was a lady raised her hand and said that her neighbor has a wooden swingset/fort in her backyard that is supposed to have a canopy on it and there wasn’t one there and she wanted to know what could be done about that.


Really??  Of all the woes in the world, this canopy-less wooden fort is causing you grief?  What I wouldn’t give to live your uncomplicated life and that be my only worry!  LOL!  I just looked and my husband and shook my head and told him this was probably my last HOA meeting and I could see why the turn out was so low to begin with.   I guess it takes all kinds to make this world go ’round but my goodness……get a grip!



  1. See? This kind of cr@p is exactly why I will never EVER live anywhere with an HOA! I hope that you will never have any problems with them. The things they can fine you for are just ridiculous!!

  2. Beckie said,

    WOW! I wish a canopy-less play structure was my biggest problem. WOW!

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