February 3, 2009

Busy body

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My new baby (8 weeks) started today and she’s so stinking cute!  She is presently napping, as is the 6 month old, so I just have about a second of free time 🙂  We are all getting to know each other and A, the 6 month old, just keeps looking and looking at her as if to say, “um, who are you and why are you here?  I am the baby. ”  So very cute.  I’m a little rusty on two little ones and a 3 year old I guess because I am feeling very busy this morning lol. 

A good friend of mine called me last night and was filling me in on her 17 year old daughter leaving home.  Aigh!  My twins and her daughter have been good friends since 6th grade so we are all close and I feel badly for what they are going through.  I’m sure the daughter will be home today but still….just the conflict.  She kept asking me what I would do in that situation and all I could honestly say was I don’t know.  She said she wanted to go get her and bring her home but also wanted to stick it out and see what her daughter was going to do.  It’s very easy to say what you would do or how you would handle something but unless you are in those shoes how do you know?   I just told her I was here to talk if she needed me.  Thankfully we haven’t had to deal with that particular problem yet.

I hear A calling me so I’m outta here.  Have a wonderful day 🙂


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