February 24, 2009

Making Do

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The stars did not align but the kids left early so I wanted to post at least one of the recipes that I talked about.

Pumpkin Bread

1 cup vegetable oil
3 cups sugar
1 large can pumpkin
4 eggs, beaten
3 cups flour
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. baking powder
1 1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 1/4 tsp. cinammon
1 tsp cloves
1 cup walnuts chopped

Mix all ingredients in order. Grease and flour loaf pan and bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour. Yields 3 loaves.
Now to explain my title, making do. I am really in the mindset these days to just make do with what I have. I don’t think I’ve been a particularly wasteful person but when you stop and think of all the little trips you made to the store to get that one little thing, it really adds up. Now that I’m focusing on that, I am trying to do better. My neighbor made this bread for us when we moved into our old house 9 years ago so I got this recipe from her. I can’t tell you how good this bread is! When I got ready to finally make this the other day I discovered I didn’t have cloves or walnuts. I was actually at the store and was going to get them but once I saw the price of cloves, something I doubt I’m ever going to use again, I decided to go another route. I left that out and added in some nutmeg. I have an almost full box of raisins so instead of walnuts, I put those in. It was still as delicious as I remember it and felt proud of the fact that I just used what I had on hand 🙂 I am now calling it the “Make Do Pumpkin Bread”. My family loved it and as a matter of fact, it’s all gone and I just baked this on Sunday night.


Not much to say

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Sorry I haven’t blogged much lately but I feel like I don’t have much to say these days. I’ve been busy with my Love quilt and that’s about it. Also having two babies now instead of just the one has really occupied my day and then there is so much to tend to in the evenings that the day just slips by before I know it.

I did make two recipes that turned out great so if the stars line up just right and two little babies nap at the same time, I will post those later 🙂

February 11, 2009

It takes all kinds

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Last night was our annual home owner’s association meeting where we are given an accounting of where our money is going.   We are very new to this game so our plan is to just sit back, listen and watch.   There were 5 couples, including us and 3 individuals that attended.  Quite a bit of griping about this and that but whatever.  It is our money and we are entitled to that.


At the end of the meeting it was kind of an open floor type thing where the personal issues are addressed……basketball goals being left on the sidewalk, people parking and blocking a portion of the sidewalk, trash being left in the park, and people building sheds and other structures before getting permission.  Blah, blah.  Again, we do have the right to say something if it violates our by laws.  The thing that really got me was a lady raised her hand and said that her neighbor has a wooden swingset/fort in her backyard that is supposed to have a canopy on it and there wasn’t one there and she wanted to know what could be done about that.


Really??  Of all the woes in the world, this canopy-less wooden fort is causing you grief?  What I wouldn’t give to live your uncomplicated life and that be my only worry!  LOL!  I just looked and my husband and shook my head and told him this was probably my last HOA meeting and I could see why the turn out was so low to begin with.   I guess it takes all kinds to make this world go ’round but my goodness……get a grip!

February 9, 2009

Ding dong, knock, knock, knock

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This is not the sound you want to be awakened to at 3:00 in the morning but that’s exactly what I was hearing very early on Saturday. Life with teens is never dull and that was the case when they decided to leave the house they were spending the night at and go for a little ride. Thankfully the Mom woke up not too long after they left and called her daughter’s cell phone and was able to get them back home pretty quickly. Little toots! Needless to say, their world just got a little smaller for awhile.

Other than that, not much going on. Hubby started his new job today so it’s lonely here without him. I hope his day is going ok and this turns out to be a good match for him. We’re not kidding ourselves though, in these times a job is a job and they are very hard to come by so I’m sure he will make it work no matter what. We are still being given a return date on his job that he was laid off from but who really knows if or when that will happen.

Saturday afternoon Haley had a Charmer performance and that went well. I can’t believe her senior year is winding down so quickly. She is really going to miss this part of high school.

February 3, 2009

Busy body

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My new baby (8 weeks) started today and she’s so stinking cute!  She is presently napping, as is the 6 month old, so I just have about a second of free time 🙂  We are all getting to know each other and A, the 6 month old, just keeps looking and looking at her as if to say, “um, who are you and why are you here?  I am the baby. ”  So very cute.  I’m a little rusty on two little ones and a 3 year old I guess because I am feeling very busy this morning lol. 

A good friend of mine called me last night and was filling me in on her 17 year old daughter leaving home.  Aigh!  My twins and her daughter have been good friends since 6th grade so we are all close and I feel badly for what they are going through.  I’m sure the daughter will be home today but still….just the conflict.  She kept asking me what I would do in that situation and all I could honestly say was I don’t know.  She said she wanted to go get her and bring her home but also wanted to stick it out and see what her daughter was going to do.  It’s very easy to say what you would do or how you would handle something but unless you are in those shoes how do you know?   I just told her I was here to talk if she needed me.  Thankfully we haven’t had to deal with that particular problem yet.

I hear A calling me so I’m outta here.  Have a wonderful day 🙂