January 26, 2009

It’s Monday!

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:23 pm by sillydreamer

The past week-end was great.  Hubs and I attended our first home owners association meeting on Saturday morning and it went ok.  Out of 130 homes in our subdivision I think there were 14 people there, including us lol. 

On Sunday hubs and I took the dogs for a nice long walk, which they loved.  They were so tired when they got back home, I don’t think I saw them move again for the rest of the day.  Now that I write this down, it looks like my week-end was pretty darn boring but it was very relaxing so that’s what I like.  Saturday night we built a fire, watched TV and I drank pomegranate martinis so does that make it sound any more exciting?  I didn’t think so.

The new baby starts next Monday so I will spend a little time moving some things around in the playroom.  I picked up a new playpen last night since my other one bit the dust after many years of babies in it.  And does it ever fail?  I had that opening since August and now that it’s filled, I got a call from a mother of my daughter’s friends.  LOL.  When I’m full, I get calls all the time I swear. 

I’ve got a million things to do so I had better get to doing them.  Have a wonderful Monday 🙂



  1. terri said,

    congrats on the rainin’ and pourin’…blessings do abound, yes? 🙂

  2. Tall T said,

    Homeowners meetings tend to be light in attendance. Sad isn’t it?

  3. sillydreamer said,

    Terri-yes, even in tough times there are blessings to be found.

    Tina-I wasn’t surprised at how few were there lol.

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