December 3, 2008

Did I Fall Off the Face of the Earth?

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No I did not but I have been busy.  Here’s the latest happenings in my neck of the woods:

-Thanksgiving was interesting this year…just a funky vibe going on

-got a contract on our house and should close on the 18th of this month.  THIS MONTH!  This would explain my absence and really why I shouldn’t be sitting here right now.

-hubby got laid off as planned so the job situation is up in the air.  He will draw unemployment but if he finds another job and the company shuts down, he forfeits about 5 months of pay so we are going to ride it out.  Whatever happens, happens and we will deal with it.

-I finally made it to IKEA and wasn’t too impressed.  I was most bummed about not being too impressed because I thought I would be wowed.  Didn’t buy a single thing.

I really thought I would have more to share since I’ve been away so long but I guess I don’t.  Not unless you want to come help me pack up and move.  It’s very hard to pick and choose what to take since we will probably still be in this house another week or so.  I’m ready to just do the big final move and be done but hubby is still installing fans, etc over there.  Secretly I think he’s just found a place to hide from us so I guess I will let him enjoy it while he can.  The man has a wife and three teen age daughters so he deserves some peace and quiet! 

Ok, I’ve got to get back to work because I don’t think these boxes are going to pack themselves.


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  1. Beckie said,

    Glad to know that you are still kicking!

    I’m sending positive vibes your way. It will all come out fine in the end – getting through the stress is the hard part.

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