December 26, 2008

On with the show

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I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We did things a little differently this year. We took the girls shopping so they picked out their own clothes and then I bought just a couple of small gifts for them to open Christmas morning. I had very mixed feelings about doing it this way but in the end, everyone was happy and I don’t have to worry about exchanging for different colors or sizes. Christmas morning was a little bit of a let down as it took about a minute to open their gifts and look in their stockings. I guess I just have to face the fact that they are getting older….

Yesterday we had a house full and it was great. Including my family, there was 7 adults, 3 teen agers and 7 kids. It was loud, chaotic and happy! My nephew has twin boys who are 17 months old and they are just the cutest things so that was lots of fun. We laughed, ate and hung out for a few hours and since it was a nice day, the kids ran between my house and the park area across the street. All in all, I think everyone had a good time.

After everyone left, I took all my Christmas decorations off the tree and down from around the house. That’s my tradition so of course I had to stick to it. I didn’t take the tree down until this morning so it’s sitting here behind me, waiting to be taken up to the attic. Now it’s time to start putting my pictures and things on the walls so this house will look like home. When we moved in almost two weeks ago I didn’t bother doing that because I knew I would be putting my Christmas stuff out so now it’s time to get on with the show. Danny is going to start building the shelving in my closet so everything is coming together nicely.


December 22, 2008


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I unpacked the last box yesterday!!!!! Granted, some things went back into boxes marked “garage sale” but my goal was to get all the boxes unpacked and decide what to keep and what to purge so I feel happy to have reached my goal 🙂 🙂 I still have to decide permanent places for things and wonderful hubby is going to build me some shelving in the closet and then some for himself in the garage but for the most part, we are all settled in and that’s a good feeling. Now I can get back to quilting 🙂

December 19, 2008

I’m baaaaccckkkkkk

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We’re all moved into the house now and trying to sort out the mass of boxes. I swear they are multiplying!!! I’m also very amazed at how much stuff I have because I am not a packrat by any means. I am the kind of person who gets rid of things if I am not using them, which has come back to bite me on the butt more than once. So how it came to pass that I have so many things that don’t serve a purpose is beyond me.

That’s all that’s new in my world. I’m so tired and am just ready to be settled in and have things back to normal. I want to have everything in its place and it’s just not coming together as quickly as I had planned in my head lol. So much for plans, right?

Ask me how much Christmas shopping I’ve done. The answer is two gifts for each child! It’s not like I have 5 days to finish it huh? LOL!!!!

December 10, 2008


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When I woke up this morning it was 28 degrees. It’s noon and we’ve warmed up to 30. The day before yesterday it was 70! I want my warm weather back!!!!

This week-end we have to be out of here because we close on Monday. I’m happy and relieved but a little sad and sentimental about going. So many memories of the kids over the years but the good thing is, the memories go with us 🙂 I think of all my daycare kids over the years that have been here too. This house has been filled with lots of love and happiness for sure. I always wonder about the families that lived here before us. Were they as happy as we were? I hope so.

I have a piece of carrot cake calling my name so I’m going to take care of that while the boys are napping 🙂

December 5, 2008


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Apparently I need to update more often or else they change everything up that I knew how to do! LOL!

December 3, 2008

Did I Fall Off the Face of the Earth?

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No I did not but I have been busy.  Here’s the latest happenings in my neck of the woods:

-Thanksgiving was interesting this year…just a funky vibe going on

-got a contract on our house and should close on the 18th of this month.  THIS MONTH!  This would explain my absence and really why I shouldn’t be sitting here right now.

-hubby got laid off as planned so the job situation is up in the air.  He will draw unemployment but if he finds another job and the company shuts down, he forfeits about 5 months of pay so we are going to ride it out.  Whatever happens, happens and we will deal with it.

-I finally made it to IKEA and wasn’t too impressed.  I was most bummed about not being too impressed because I thought I would be wowed.  Didn’t buy a single thing.

I really thought I would have more to share since I’ve been away so long but I guess I don’t.  Not unless you want to come help me pack up and move.  It’s very hard to pick and choose what to take since we will probably still be in this house another week or so.  I’m ready to just do the big final move and be done but hubby is still installing fans, etc over there.  Secretly I think he’s just found a place to hide from us so I guess I will let him enjoy it while he can.  The man has a wife and three teen age daughters so he deserves some peace and quiet! 

Ok, I’ve got to get back to work because I don’t think these boxes are going to pack themselves.