November 21, 2008

Oh to be that young!

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Talking to our insurance agent isn’t really my idea of fun so that usually means hubby gets to do it.  We’ve been with the same company about 12 years now and we’ve had a few agents come and go so we’re not on a personal basis with them.  We just write the check. 

Since we bought the other house, we have been in a contact with our actual agent a few times in the last month.  The only encounter I’ve had with him has just been over the phone and I can’t remember what I said but his response to me was “I’m THE insurance agent.”  It was said in a really young, cocky, funny way so I wasn’t offended.  You can tell he’s a younger guy so that’s cool.  Gotta love the enthusiasm, right?

The other day he called hubby to set up a time to come and take pictures of the other house for insurance purposes.  Somehow the conversation veered off to vehicles and as mileage, just in a friendly sort of way.  Both guys have big Chevy Silverados so I guess they were bonding.  Anyway, agent tells hubby how he has a friend that has dialed into the truck’s computer to get better gas mileage and he could do the same for hubby.  In fact, his friend could make his truck “scream, screech tires, and still get 18 miles to the gallon.”  LOL!  I did mention that he’s also our car insurance agent, didn’t I?  LOL!  I’ve never had an agent offer to soup up one of vehicles to make it scream.  This just made me laugh again thinking about it.

Today is the day he’s meeting to take the pictures.  He called this morning to ask to move it up by thirty minutes because his dream has come true.  He gets to drive around all week-end in a 2008 Dodge Viper!  An ex girlfriend of his has been able to set this up for him to have the car all week-end!  LOL!

He may not be my idea of what an insurance agent usually is but you’ve got to love this guys’s zest for life!  I hope he has a fabulous week-end in his car and remembers it for years to come 🙂


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