November 10, 2008

Because you can never be too sure

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st-joseph-0041We want to make sure all our bases are covered in our home selling venture,so we went online and purchased our St. Joseph statue to bury in the yard.   After that, it’s out of our hands 🙂 

I swear, everyone takes all the good ideas first.  I told hubby that packaging these and selling them would be a great business and lo and behold, someone’s already doing that.  I also told him it would be a great idea to be home staging consultant for people selling their homes.  We’re not a very big town but something like that would make a good side business for someone.  Just charge a $50 to $75 consultation fee and come in and give the sellers ideas on what they can do to maximize their home’s appearance.  Lo and behold, I get a letter from someone doing that very thing already!  I have got to start thinking and acting a little faster!



  1. Beckie said,

    That always happens to me too. I think up an idea – don’t act on it – and then I see someone making a fortune off of it a year or so later. Story of my life.

  2. sillydreamer said,

    LOL…Beckie, I left you a comment on Susan’s blog. Did you see it? LOL!

  3. Beckie said,

    HA! I just had to go check the comment out. I have really been trying to update two to three times a week. Have I told you how much I enjoy that you are posting regularly!

    I couldn’t decide what to post about today, but I figured something out.

  4. sillydreamer said,

    It’s so funny how blogging comes in spurts, isn’t it? Thanks for being a faithful reader because I usually don’t have anything worthwhile to say! LOL!

  5. Susan said,

    Now you quit stalking poor Beckie! LOL I’m glad to see BOTH of you posting (and it’s good to be posting again, although I don’t have a clue what to write for today!)

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