November 7, 2008

Outsourcing at it’s finest

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Want to know the best way to start a morning?  With a stroke, apparently because that’ just about what happened to hubby this morning.  By the time he got off the phone with a TXU Energy rep from Asia, I really thought he might collapse.

Gone are the days when you call up the electric company and tell them that you are moving to a new house so you need the electricity turned on there but you need to keep the electricity on at your same house until it sells.  I thought this was standard practice but oh no.  I guess in Asia things are done differently because she kept asking how long would we need electric service at our new house.  Um, a very long time?  She also kept asking when do we need to turn it off over here.  Her English was pretty good but the phone connection was terrible so we were only catching about every third word she said and there was lots of static on the line.  Hubby kept asking her to repeat what she said and she was not happy to do that.  He explained that the connection was bad and was there a number in the US that he could call and that really pissed her off.  She told him the phones in America must be bad!  Whatever.  After 45 minutes he told her to not do anything at all and we would call back.  So far there is still power at this house so maybe it’s alright.  We went online and hopefully gotten it all taken care of.  I may be the one that has a stroke if my power goes off though!

Seriously, how many more jobs are going to be sent overseas?  I’ve read that the drive through at Wendy’s is going to be outsourced.  Seriously?  How much could the person wearing the headset and taking your order possibly be making?  I guess the company looks at it as whatever the amount, it could always be lower.  I think President Obama should do something about this asap.  Maybe we could give incentives to companies that don’t outsource any of their jobs.  Don’t you think that would help the economy more than giving billions to the banks to bail them out of their mess?  Then again, what do I really know?



  1. Author said,

    We have the same problem here in the UK – so many companies outsource that when you phone with a problem, you’re lucky if you can understand the person or their accent, the other end of the phone. It is so frustrating. It may be cheaper but it must be driving people away from the service provided.

  2. sillydreamer said,

    Unfortunately the majority of the businesses here that outsource leave us no other option but to deal with them. I have to have electricity and phone service so I’m at their mercy. I would love to call them up and tell them to let me know when they no longer outsource and I’ll come back and use their services but that’s just not possible lol.

  3. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really wish the gov’t would regulate more who can, and who cannot outsource… the power company? That’s outrageous! I understand everyone is trying to cut costs, but I wish these companies would see the bigger picture and how this habit is hurting our country– now, but especially in the future if it continues. Are there going to be any jobs at all for our children when they are grown?

  4. sillydreamer said,

    I agree with you giggle. It’s just insane and at this rate, our kids won’t have jobs unless they move overseas!

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