November 6, 2008

Waiting, always waiting

Posted in family, life, thoughts at 4:25 pm by sillydreamer

Here lately it’s been a game of hurry up and wait.  This is so not me, I’m a “do-er”,  not a waiter so I feel a little like I’m just drifting aimlessly.  Let’s hurry and make an offer on the house and then wait for almost two months before getting the ok.  Let’s hurry and close but then wait for funding from the sellers side before we can get in the house (now you all know that’s not exactly how that panned out but that IS the offical version).  Even this morning, I am waiting on the realtors who are doing their tour of new listings today.  That could happen anytime from 9-12 lol.  I’m also waiting on a return phone call from child care licensing so I can find out what I need to do because of the move. 

I think the thing that is bothering me the most is waiting to move.  I wanted to grab the keys at closing and get the show on the road but we’ve got to paint and get the carpets cleaned first.  These things need to be done.  Then we are going to do the move around our work schedules.  I feel like I’m living in limbo at the moment lol.  Thankfully the new house is only about 3 minutes from this house so at least that transition won’t be so bad.  Not that I’m looking forward to that chaos but it’s not like we are moving across the state!  I know it’s all going to be fine in the end 🙂



  1. Beckie said,

    Waiting is so stinking hard sometimes.

  2. Author said,

    Waiting is just awful. Like you, I always want everything done yesterday. And I HATE moving home. Since P and I met 17 years ago we’ve moved 8 times! We’ve been living in Sidmouth 2 years now and I NEVER want to move again. Let’s hope the credit crunch doesn’t force our hand.

    Hope your move goes well.

  3. sillydreamer said,

    Jan I don’t know how you’ve moved so much! I remember 9 years ago when we moved here, I laid on the couch and cried because I couldn’t find a Q-tip to clean my daughter’s ears! LOL! I don’t do well with disorder and chaos and I know that’s what’s coming in the next few weeks. I’m thinking lots of deep breaths and some red wine will probably do me some good dealing with it all. I hope you don’t ever have to move again. You’ve been through enough!

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