November 4, 2008

So Disturbing

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:25 pm by sillydreamer

I was reading an article in the paper yesterday that brought me to tears.  I don’t have the link so I am going to paraphase it the best I can.

In a small town just a few minutes away, an 11 year old little boy stabbed an 11 year old little girl inside her home.  This happened back in February.  I remembered when it happened and was just shocked.  It happened after school one afternoon and I don’t know if the boy was invited into the home or not.  There were no adults at home at the time.  Actually, the boy had been suspended from school and his Mother, who works for CPS, had left him unattended, per the article.  Also, the boy had been diagnosed with mental issues and was supposed to be on medication but his Mother said she couldn’t afford it, so she wasn’t giving it to him, also per the article.

The little boy was sentenced to three 17 years sentences for this attack.  Think about that… 11 year old boy with mental issues that were not being properly treated was sentenced to almost 60 years.   I am in in no way condoning what he did, not by any means.  There should definitely be a punishment for that but more than that, I think there should be some help.  At 16, he could actually be transferred to an adult facility to serve out the remainder of his sentence, per the article.

The incident itself was very disturbing to me and my heart goes out to this little girl and her family.  The part that was really disturbing was the victim’s impact statement that the little girl’s parents read to the court.  Now, I don’t know how I would feel if this happened to my child but I would hope that I can not feel the hate these people feel for this boy.  They told him they hoped he enjoyed prison and didn’t feel safe there, that they would make sure he would never get out early because he deserves to be in prison for his entire sentence and that because of him, they now know what hate is.  They also said that his Mother should be sharing the quilt with him and that part I did somewhat agree with.

I am just so broken hearted for both of these families.  I feel for the little girl because I’m sure that the hate and rage her parents feel, is something that she is picking up on and probably dealing with herself.  I hope and pray that everyone touched by this will find the strength to deal with it and be able to put the hate away and begin to heal and I hope that there will be resources available to them to do that.  As I said, I don’t know how I would react if this happened to me and I’m sure these parents are doing the best they can right now but I do hope in time they will be able to let go of that rage for their own sakes, as well as their daughter’s.



  1. Tall T said,

    Hate will never help this situation or any….

    Love and Forgiveness will be the only thing that can help.

    Both families have lost too much already. It is time to show some love.

  2. Susan said,

    Oh wow…so much bitterness and hate. I hope that with time those families are able to let it go and to get on with living. So very sad…

  3. dott23 said,

    That is horrible…… and sad. But having anger and hate towards him is wrong. Hoping that he will rot in jail is not something to hope for, no matter what he’s done, but I also really wish the kid learns something in juvi.

  4. Author said,

    Absolutely tragic for all concerned. It is hard to forgive sometimes – but it is the only way forward. I hope they can all find their inner peace. Hatred is so very pointless.

  5. sillydreamer said,

    Since I’ve read that story, I have thought about both families every single day. I too hope they can forgive and move on and I hope the little boy can get the help he needs.

  6. terri said,

    I think back to all of the times that I was processing something HUGE – (but not nearly as huge as the stabbing of my daughter) and how inappropriate my emotional responses were.

    I can almost guarantee that those poor people are already regretting the venom that they unleashed in the courtroom against a child who wasn’t in his right mind…and that is the saddest part about things like this: the cycle of shame and disappointment.

    I would love to be a fly on the wall to see if they all cross paths again, and to see what gifts time has brought them all in the form of healing.


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