November 4, 2008

She’s Done

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quilt-001I’m finally finished with my project.  I got the pattern from the summer issue of Quick Quilts.  The name of it is “Spindrift” and it was featured on the cover.  All the bright colors caught my eye so I knew I had to do this one.  I’m a sucker for brights 🙂  As usual this one was hand quilted but I tried something a little different on the back.  Instead of a solid color, I pieced three different prints and am happy with the way it turned out.  I was also happy that I didn’t have to buy any material to do it.  These were three pieces that I had in my stash already! 




  1. Beckie said,

    Fabulous color – great quilting! I love it! I’m telling you – it is a shame we don’t live closer I have a ton of fabric and scraps that you would LOVE.

    Are you secretly doing NoBloPoMo? You are posting a lot lately and I love it.

    Love, love, love – maybe I could say love one more time in this comment. 🙂

  2. Myreda said,

    Wow your quilt is beautiful! And I am impressed that you have finished hand quilting it so fast. Aren’t some of the patterns in Quick Quilts the best? I have made several of them too and have more planned.

  3. That is a beautiful quilt and I love the backing

  4. sillydreamer said,

    Beckie, thanks for the comments and I do wish we lived closer together. We would have such fun 🙂 No, I’m not officially doing NoBloPoMo but I am trying to step up my game a little. I just can’t commit to having to do it lol.

    Myreda thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I love Quick Quilts!!!

    Magik-thanks. I’ve seen several people do their backing that way and was excited to try it myself. I love making something out of “nothing”.

  5. Author said,

    Quite beautiful. You are very talented.

  6. sillydreamer said,

    Thanks Jan 🙂

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