October 27, 2008

Happy Monday

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Ahhhh, I finally had some relaxing down time and that’s just what I needed.  The past week or so I have been an absolute ball of nerves.  It’s not just one particular incident but I think the whole buying, selling, moving hoopla was getting the best of me.

On Thursday I got a call for a showing on the house.  The time frame was 1:00 to 3:30 so I rushed around and picked up which wasn’t bad at all.  Hubby was home and he didn’t want to be here while they were showing it and neither did I, so we loaded the boys up and ran a few errands.  Thank the heavens above the baby is a good car rider and pretty much slept the whole time.  We get home and find out from our agent later that the people were a  no show.  They got busy at work and couldn’t make it.  Our agent wasn’t happy and let the other agent know which made me feel good.  It’s just one of those things you have to deal with so what can you do?

Friday was our school’s homecoming so I got off early (at 2:00!) for that.  My job is pretty much stress free these days but it was nice to just have that time to chill with my kids and sit outside on a gorgeous day.That’s when my nerves began to unwind a little.  After the parade the no shows from the day before did actually make this showing so that was good.  We found something to do for an hour and a half so everything worked out just fine.

Went to the football game Friday evening.   The drill team performed before the game so by half time we were out of there lol.

Hubby worked so Saturday I ventured out to the grocery store and then quilted and read the rest of the day.

Same thing on Sunday and that was heavenly.  I finished two books which I will write about later and am just about done with the quilt.  We didn’t have any showings on the house but that’s ok.

We finally have an executed contract and a letter giving the ok for a short sale on the new house so we are cruising right along.  The lender thinks we might could close on Friday but we’ll see.  We got a copy of the homeowner’s association rules and that was….interesting.  We’ve never had to deal with that before but it will be alright.  From the looks of it, there are a few rules that are overlooked and that’s fine by me considering we have 3 cars and a 2 car garage and you’re supposed to park in your garage at night.  There are many houses that don’t do that so we’re going to go along with that 🙂

Gotta run….I can’t wait to share my two books with you later.  They were both really good!


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