October 27, 2008

Book reviews

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Boys are napping, realtor just left with some lookers and laundry is caught up for the moment so all is well in my world.  On to the books……

“Not Just the Levees Broke” by Phyllis Montana-Leblanc

After Katrina, Spike Lee went to New Orleans to do a documentary and Phyllis was one of the people he interviewed.  He said it was clear to him that she was the dominant voice in the piece and from that, this book was born.

While reading this book I had the same anger flare ups as I did when I watched all this unfolding on the TV.  I can’t imagine what these people actually had to endure and I can’t believe that it took so long for them to get help.  It makes me angry just blogging about it now.  I haven’t researched this and I can’t remember hearing anything but were there every any criminal charges filed against the people responsible for the levee inspections?  If not, why?  Not one single person died from the hurricane, they died when the levees broke (according to the book).  Why after all this time are there no houses or apartments for these people to go back to?  Over the summer we actually drove through New Orleans and from the parts we saw, it was a sad sight.  They still have buildings just boarded up.  Hello?  Can we fix them or can we tear them down?   I’m so glad this book was written to give people a perspective from  someone who was there and had lived through it.  I hope this book helped her to heal and I think she’s very brave to have shared her story. 

After the Fire” by Robin Gaby Fisher

This book is the story of two young men, Shawn Simons and Alvaro Llanos, who were critically burned in the fire at the freshman dorm at Seton Hall University in January 2000.  I cried through most of this book but as sad and heartbreaking as it was, it was uplifting and empowering to see the strength and courage these two boys have shown to recover mentally and physically from this.  The power of love, friends and family can carry you through just about anything and that was message I got from their story. 

And that’s it for the book reviews.  I’ve got two more waiting for me in my nightstand 🙂


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