October 16, 2008

Just words

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“I’m so sorry for your loss.”

Those words sound so empty and hollow but what else can you say to someone at a visitation?  I would have rather ran up and down the aisles screaming,”this sucks and I’m so mad” but that’s hardly appropriate or comforting to the family.  But dammit, 20 year old little girls shouldn’t die in car wrecks, parents should not bury their children and freshman and senior boys shouldn’t have to stand in a receiving line and thank people for coming to see them since their sister passed away.  It just sucks!

My heart goes out to this family in every way possible.  Their daughter was away at Texas A & M and was killed in a car accident on Sunday afternoon.   Let me tell you, grief is a tangible thing.  I felt it rolling off her Mother in waves when I hugged her.  I’m just so sad for her and can’t even begin to imagine how she feels.   I know she has a wonderful support system of family and friends and she’s going to need it.  I’ve said a million prayers for them and if you are praying kind, could you also do the same?



  1. Author said,

    Oh how terrible. Sometimes it’s really hard to understand why such things can happen. My heart goes out to the family. What a waste of a young life. I know what you mean about the grief and pain “rolling off her Mother in waves” – it really does – I’ve witnessed this too.

    They are in my prayers. RIP.

  2. At least prayers are not just words…that is something anyway. How very sad and you are right, it is not fair and the death of a healthy young person is just so brutally unexpected.

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