September 24, 2008

Two time takers

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I currently have two things taking up all my free time.  The first is this:Sorry the picture turned out so dark.  The colors are very bright and cheerful so the picture doesn’t do it justice.  It’s very large and I’m hand quilting it so it will be awhile before it’s done.  I can’t wait to take a better picture for you to see just how “happy” it looks.

The second is this:  I’m not quite finished with it but I have to say I am so blown away!  The things people will do in the name of religion.  I am going to save all my thoughts and opinions until I am totally done reading so stay tuned lol.


  1. artisticmama said,

    Thanks for your comment on my page . Love that you are handquilting your beautiful quilt. One day I will do a handquilting project. I do enjoy hand embriodery, too. Please post a finished pic.when you are done. Would love to see.

  2. cuddlynn said,

    Oh wow! I love that quilt! Is it for a gift or for yourself? Either way, whoever will have that quilt is a lucky person :]

  3. Beckie said,

    Love, love, love the quilt! Great colors!

  4. myheart4him said,

    I am coveting your quilt. The colors are lovely.

  5. sillydreamer said,

    Thanks for all the nice comments about the quilt. I will definitely post a picture when I’m done with it.

  6. Author said,

    The quilt is beautiful.

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