August 27, 2008

Off they go

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Monday was the girls’ first day back to school.  Haley is a senior and Heather and Holly are juniors.  Unbelievable!  I have taken a picture of them on their first day of school since kindergarten and they never seem to get any happier about that fact!  Oh well, I’m the Mom and we will do as I say when it comes to taking pictures.  Besides, this is Haley’s last year and Heather and Holly only have one more time to endure this tradition.

What makes this year very different for me is the fact that Haley is driving them all to school in her car.  I  have driven them practically every single day of their school career and now I’m not.  One part of me is happy about not having to deal with the morning rush but the other part of me is very sad that they are doing this on their own….without me.   I actually teared up a little as they pulled away from the curb.



  1. Oh what a day for you…first last day for Haley and first of the driving themselves so you are not needed as much ….there is always something to tear up over and its a mixture of proud tears and sad tears. Hope you are enjoying that extra time in the morning.

  2. Beckie said,

    They will appreciate the pictures some day! I would have teared up too.

  3. Tall T said,

    I couldn’t imagine….

    Probably felt like your heart was in the car as it pulled away from the curb. They are all grown up now.

  4. Author said,

    I teared up when mine went to high school too – it’s such a landmark. Lovely, bit not without sadness as the years slip by.

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