August 1, 2008

The Two Word and add some more Meme

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:33 am by sillydreamer

I was tagged by my bloggy friend Jan for this meme.

I am:  watching/listening to the X Games
I think:  I need to eat something soon
I know:  that tomorrow is Friday…woohoo
I have:  a husband and three daughters
I wish:  I were going back to Disney World this year
I hate:  being so shy sometimes
I miss:  the feeling of not worrying….I’m a Mother so I worry all.the.time
I fear:  being alone in my old age
I hear:  the new Motley Crue song on a commercial lol
I smell:  the Tilex Soap Scrum Remover I sprayed in my bathtub
I crave:  something sweet and chocolately
I search:  on Google all the time
I wonder:  what I will look like when I stop covering my grey hair
I regret:  getting impatient when my girls were babies
I love:  my family
I ache:  in my lower back at the moment
I am not:  a very forgiving person
I believe:  in karma
I dance:  when I’m excited
I sing:  in the car
I cry: over the silliest things
I fight:  the urge to say naughty words sometimes lol
I win:  usually
I lose:  sometimes
I never: say never
I always: say that anything can happen
I confuse:  the facts with my emotions
I listen:  when my kids think I’m not
I can usually be found:  reading
I am scared:  of rats and snakes
I need:  projects to keep me busy
I am happy about:  my life in general right now
I imagine:  what my life will be like when my kids are grown and gone
I tag:  whoever wants to do this



  1. Author said,

    Nice interesting answers Marla. You come across a really nice, honest person who’s thought about life and is comfortable with herself. Good for you.

  2. I have just done this too Marla …I like the “I listen when the kids think I am not” ….its fun reading others memes …gives a little glimpse into the spirit of the person.

  3. sillydreamer said,

    Thank you Jan 🙂

    Oh the things you learn by eavesdropping!

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