July 20, 2008

Heartbreak Hotel

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I knew it was inevitable having three teen age daughters so here we are dealing with our first real broken heart.  Of course I’m really sad to see my child so upset but a small part of me is a little relieved.  I want them to be happy and have good relationships but I also don’t want to see them tied to one person and miss out on just being a teen.  I know this will all be ok but being the 16 year old girl with a broken heart, you don’t see that.  I remember being dumped at that age by the “love of my life” and it really stinks.

It’s interesting to see the advice the other two are giving their sister.  One daughter has been telling her to dump him for two weeks.  Apparently he’s been wanting to break up and when he finally did, he told her that he had been trying to make her mad for the past two weeks so she would break up with him.  Don’t you remember how silly and childish you could be at that age?    Looks like sister was right all along 🙂

My heartbroken one, of course, wants to get back together with him and he told her he wants to come over on Sunday evening when he gets back in town so they can talk.  I was talking about it with my oldest daughter and she was agreeing with me that him coming over is not a good idea.  She told me that if she were in that situation and ex boyfriend wanted to come over she would tell him “suck it, you aren’t coming to my house.”  LOL!  Now THAT’S my child!  I will never forget when she was in about the third grade she had a “boyfriend” at school and she got mad at him on the playground and she told him “when I count to three, it’s over…..one….two…three…IT’S OVER”.  This child takes absolutely no gruff from anyone and I love that about her.  I told her that my advice to her sister was probably falling on deaf ears but to feel free and talk to her all she wants because she will heed her words more than mine at this point.

I know that there is a good chance they will end up dating again so I’m not saying too much at this point.  He handled the breaking up badly but hey, he’s a 17 year old boy so what do you expect?  These are lessons we all have had to learn in life and while I see it for what it is…..a high school break up…..I understand that for her, it’s her whole world so I’m picking my words carefully and trying to stay as neutral as possible.  I wouldn’t want to have to go through that age again for anything!



  1. clevergrl said,

    Ugh I teach in a high school so I get to experience the dramatics left and right. They take it all so seriously! I remember being like that, but I also remember going to college and thinking, damn, why did I waste my time with all that nonsense!

  2. Beckie said,

    I’m NOT looking forward to that stage.

  3. sillydreamer said,

    I don’t think I could handle working in a high school….some days it’s hard enough just being here in my own house!

    Beckie-I’m convinced the teen age years were designed to help parents detach and let their kids go and be adults when the time comes. In fact, I’m sure of it most days 🙂

  4. Author said,

    Broken heart at 16 – that’s hard. It’s nice her sisters are so supportive too.

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