July 16, 2008

Rain, glorious rain

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I’m so happy right now because it’s raining.  Not just a little shower, this is a full on down pour and I hope it lasts for a couple of hours at least 🙂  We need it so badly right now.

Thankfully, hubby didn’t wash the cars or else I wouldn’t be relishing this quite so much lol.

Guess what I was supposed to do today?  Serve jury duty!  I called last night and was told it was cancelled so I didn’t have to do it.  it’s not that I didn’t want to, because I think it would have been interesting, but I hate to put my daycare parents in a position that they have to find someone else to take care of their children or take off from work.  Actually, the parents of one of my little guys are both attorneys so they of course understand and didn’t have a problem with it but did try and get me out of having to serve.  It didn’t work though and if the trial wasn’t cancelled I would have been pleading my case with the judge this morning to try and get excused.  Maybe some day I will have a “normal” job where all I have to do is make one call to my boss and tell them I won’t be in due to jury duty.

Not much else is happening in my world lately.  I’ve almost finished quilting my blanket and hopefully will be able to start the binding tomorrow.  I read on someone’s blog (sorry, I can’t remember who’s) recently that they sewed the binding to the back of the quilt and then used a decorative stitch to sew it down on the front so I thought I might try that and see if I like it.  It would certainly save a lot of time!  I’ll share pictures when I’m done.

Still raining 🙂



  1. lisakingsley said,

    I do my small bindings this way. It makes them go on a lot faster and I am sure they are going to stay put. I have not done a large binding since I started doing them this way, but I don’t see why they would not come out nice.

  2. So how long did the rain last? We got nothing here.. not a drop! It all went south of us. We did get a quick little downpour Sunday afternoon, but that was it.

    Can’t wait to see your finished quilt!

  3. sillydreamer said,

    Lisa, I think I got this idea from your blog so thank you. I hope mine turns out looking nice lol. This is a lap size so not too big but very time consuming so I would prefer to get this finished up and move on to something else.

    DC-It rained really hard for almost an hour and then lightly, but steadily for another couple of hours thank goodness. Everything looks so nice and refreshed, which almost makes up for the ungodly humidity we’ve got going on now lol.

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