June 18, 2008


Posted in Uncategorized at 5:55 pm by sillydreamer

We’re here!!!  Actually we got here yesterday but today was our first full day of doing whatever we want and believe me, I did it all day long 🙂  I plan on doing the same thing for three more days too.

The drive was, well a 12 hour drive so not much to say about that.  Actually it went pretty well and seem to go by quickly.  The only not so enjoyable part was when it was my turn to drive, I think I had to go over every bridge that spanned water for two hours.  I am so not a fan of that.  I don’t know why, I can totally rationalize it in my head that everything is fine but crossing over one, whether I’m driving or not, makes my feet go ice cold and tingle, my palms sweat and tingle, my heart pounds and I feel like I am going to go over the side at any moment.  Just not a fun thing for me but everything turned out alright. 

The condo is amazing!!!!!  I could live here, well if I could afford it for more than a week that is LOL! 


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