June 17, 2008

Back in the saddle again

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So my lovely, wonderful, relaxing vacation is over and we are back to the normal routine.  To start things off with a bang, I had one little kidlet bite another one in the face yesterday.  Isn’t that just lovely?  Thank heavens I was close enough to immediately pull them apart but unfortunately, there is a bruise anyway.  Sigh.  Just when you think that phase has passed, it begins again. 

My quilt is coming along nicely and when it gets closer to completion I will post pictures.  I usually use fusible batting (because I’m lazy like that) but my quilts don’t seem to have much weight to them.  With this quilt I’m working on, I am using a non fusible, high loft batting and I am really liking the weight of this one.   I can’t wait to see what it feels like when I am done.

I dropped my oldest daughter off for dance camp this morning.  I still can’t believe this child will be a senior this fall!  Where did the time go? 

I have a book recommendation for you this morning.  “Confessions of a Prep School Mommy Handler” by Wade Rouse.  Judging the book by it’s cover, I thought I was picking up a light hearted slamming of the uber rich.  My previous three books had been super heavy material and I thought this would be a good break from that.  I was wrong, but in a good way.  This is a wonderful memoir of time spent working in an elite private school and how he fit (or didn’t) into their world. 

That’s about it for this morning.  My kidlets should be arriving any moment now so I’m off to do my day.  We’ve got to get outside and play before it’s a bazillion degrees out there.



  1. Smilf said,

    Oh no, I thought we were past the biting stage as well – you are telling me that it comes back?! ::smacks head::

  2. Beckie said,

    The book sounds interesting. I am looking for a good read – I will have to try to find that one.

  3. sillydreamer said,

    Smilf-in our case yes, it came back. This kid is an impulse biter to the max. He usually isn’t mad or upset when he does it, he just does it.

    Beckie-it really is a good book and he wrote one before this called “American Boy”….or something along those lines. It’s his story of growing up in gay in Arkansas. Sounds quite interesting to say the least.

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