June 6, 2008

Some absolutes

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I absolutely don’t want to get sick  because I have mucho things to get done before we leave for vacation.  I have been feeling it in my ears and the glands in my neck for the last two days so hopefully this is as bad as it’s going to get.

I am absolutely going to use sunblock this year.  Last year I had a horrible sunburn, even though I sat in the shade the entire time I was on the beach, so this year that’s not happening to me again.

I am absolutely  ready for this day to be over, done, kaput!  I love my kidlets but I am ready for a week off.

I absolutely hope that the girl cutting my hair tonight is good.  My regular girl has to be gone for the summer and she personally recommended this girl to me so let’s all cross our fingers.

I absolutely love this no crust coconut pie that I made this morning.  It’s one of our family favorites.

I have absolutely pissed off two out of the three children of mine today.  Fear  not, the day isn’t over so there’s still time to go three for three.  Have I mentioned again what a joy teen-age daughters can be at times? 

I’m absolutely sure they will have something just as glowing to say about me today too.

I’m absolutely undecided as to whether I should take the quilt I am working on with me or leave it here.  If I take it, I will want to sit in the condo and work on it and if I don’t then what am I going to do in the evenings when I’m bored? 



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  1. romach said,

    Have a great time on your holidays! And yes bring plenty of sun cream. I was out in the sun for ten minutes at the weekend and The face is burnt of me.

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