May 16, 2008

All about a frame

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Once upon a time, all I bought were wood picture frames.  Being the photo freak that I am, I have many of them.  When we repainted awhile back I pulled all the frames off the wall and put them away, intending to buy new ones.  I decided that instead of buying new ones, I would just prime and paint them black so that’s what my week has consisted of.  I’m doing spray paint so it goes very quickly and looks nice.  Slowly but surely I am getting my pictures back out on the walls and loving the way it’s coming together.  I’m all into these black frames…..they look so nice!

My hubby has always complained about the frames not having the little sawtooth hangers on them because they are very prone to falling off the wall if say, something like a door slams.  I have three teen-age daughters so just trust me on this.  When I was picking up more primer, he also picked up a package of the sawtooth hangers.  Now listen up because I am going to give you a few tips on how to put those little suckers on with minimal cussing and finger smashing.

First you have to find the center of the frame.  Now, I own two tape measures and they are both very easy to get to as they are in the “junk drawer” in the kitchen.  I use them all the time.  However, if you are trying to figure out what half of 7 and 3/16 is with a chorus of “Happy Birthday” or “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star filling your ears, here’s a little no brainer, screw up proof method.  I grabbed a strip of paper and cut it the same width of the frame, then I folded it in half, laid it on edge of the frame and marked the middle of the frame with the crease in the paper.  No thinking, no figuring, just line up the crease and mark your line.

Now you have to hammer in these little, bitty short nails into the frame.  Smash your thumb and forefinger about one time and you’ll figure out you need a new plan.  Holding the nails with tweezers is not much of a solution so here’s what I did.  I marked where the holes needed to be with a pencil, took a regular size nail and started the holes with that.  All tht was left was pressing the small nails into the guide hole and hammering them in.  No trying to hold it, no pain and no cuss words.  It was a good day 🙂 



  1. romach said,

    I done exactly the same with all our frames too. I also bought loads of nice ones in charity shops and painted them all up too. When ever anyone visited they commented that they were lovely. Everyone thought they were brand new though. I love making the most of things I already have or things that are ready for the bin. With a bit of thought and imagination wonders can be worked.

  2. Kellie said,

    I’m clearly a moron–I never thought to do this to my current frame.

    Can’t leave more of a comment–I’m off to buy supplies to make new frames out of my old ones 🙂

  3. Author said,

    Top tip!

    When trying to hammer in a small or tricky nail – poke it through the edge of a strip of cardboard first (perhaps part of a cereal packet) then you can hold it in place by holding the cardboard (away from the nail and hammer impact area!) this way you don’t need to visit casualty!

    It really works. 🙂

  4. giveitatry said,

    All good ideas, smarty pants! I never would have thought of the half of a piece of paper, but it makes PERFECT sense!

  5. Kate said,

    I love black frames, but hate those little saw tooth thingies, probably because I never get them right. I have given up and use the 3M velcro stuff – it survives teenage door slamming.

    Thank you for the lovely comment re my quilt. 🙂

  6. sillydreamer said,

    I’m all about the easy way out 🙂 LOL!

    Kate, does the velcro stuff mess up the walls when you take it off?

  7. Susan said,

    Great tips…my hall has been picture free for a couple months because I just didn’t want to deal with getting them straight.

    About the door slamming…we stopped that by taking away the privilige of a door for a week. The look on my girls’ faces were priceless as we took the door off the hinges and stuck it in the garage! (sometimes it’s really fun being a mom!)

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