April 22, 2008

Life Colors

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I had fun with “Life Numbers” so now we’ll play “Life Colors” 🙂  I’m all about beating a dead horse apparently lol.

red-the color of my very first vehicle, a Ford Ranger

yellow-yellow and white gingham to be exact.  Toward the end of my pregnancy with my oldest daughter I began having the strangest, most vivid dreams.  I had purchased a really cute yellow and white gingham outfit complete with bloomers and a bonnet which I could hardly wait to dress my baby in, providing it was a girl of course.  One night I dreamed that a huge raccoon was wearing this outfit and was apparently my pet.  I am not making this up, I swear!  After Haley was born I did dress her in this adorable outfit exactly one time because every time I looked at her sweet little face, all I could picture was that nasty raccoon!

orange-the current color of my kitchen walls and also one of my girls’ bedroom

green-my high school colors.   Also the color of all my football t-shirts that have become a staple in my wardrobe these days.

brown-a lovely cocoa shade is how I would describe my sofa.  Also referred to as Napster because if you sit on it, you immediately want to take a nap.

blue-the color of my mini van.  Of course I drive a mini van 🙂

peach-because good Baptists don’t dance, we had church banquets so we wouldn’t feel cheated out of the prom experience.  I wore a peach dress to my first one and it was borrowed from one of my best friends.  Her Mom also bought me a coursage to match which I thought was really sweet.

turquoise-when I was about six my mother sewed me the most awesome little pantsuit out of turquoise corduroy with the cutest buttons on it.  It was the 70’s and every self respecting 6 year old had a pant suit, thank you very much!

black-the color of my cell phone, computer tower, monitor and all my TVs

silver-the color of my camera and my wedding ring is white gold, also all of my earrings are silver.  I don’t do gold jewelry anymore.

purple-my oldest daughter’s favorite color, along with black.  Also the previous color of my bathroom until we painted it last week.

pink-I have three daughters so pink was THE color for about 5 years straight in our lives.  That and purple of course.  I still get the warm fuzzies when I see cute little baby blankets in pink.  It makes me want to go back to when the girls were little and so cute and cuddly. 

white-all my appliances are white cause I’m classic like that 🙂



  1. Beckie said,

    Pant suits…Ohmygosh…there is something that I had more or less forgotten about. My mother wore pant suits all the time.

  2. romach said,

    Hey, this is a really good read. I hope you don’t mind if I try it on my blog too. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I am looking forward to reading yours.

  3. msmollie said,

    I think the fashion world could use a good pant suit. My mom had me wearing plaid corduroy pants in the 70s. In a way I wish I still had them.

  4. Author said,

    Nice to think back over the colours of your life – I might try this when I get time! You do great meme things. 🙂

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