April 5, 2008


Posted in Uncategorized at 9:51 pm by sillydreamer

One of my favorite things to do is thrift store or flea market shopping because I love, love, love a good deal.  Here’s what $13.00 got me today

-about 1/2 yard of kid themed fabric

-a whisk

-a Discovery Toys  Place and Trace game that looks brand new

-an “Equals and Opposites” game that also looks brand new

-a Leap Pad AND 5 books with their cartridges (I paid all of $4 for all this so it was my best deal of the day)

-6 hardcover children’s books

-1 softcover storybook with worksheets to go along with the story




  1. cuddlynn said,

    Wow! That’s awesome for the Leap Pad and the books to go along with it! What a steal!! This reminds me that I should go thrift shopping more than I do.

  2. Kellie said,

    I love deals like this!! I just found three geat stores in my area–I got Morgan a TON of clothes–all Old Navy, Carter’s, Ralph Lauren and a few Gymboree for summer and paid $24. As long as they’re clean and look great, I have no issues with second hand shopping.


  3. Author said,

    I love bargains too. I’m always looking for special deals, discounts, buy one get one free etc. I also scour antique shops, flea markets, car boot sales etc! i often buy books from charity shops too.

    I even bargain hunt on holiday – fortunately my husband joins in. 🙂

  4. sillydreamer said,

    I have always been a thrift store and garage sale shopper and I love it! I have furnished my daycare with very nice, expensive toys for practically pennies on the dollar and I love it. When the girls were younger I bought lots of their clothes that way but now that they are teen agers, not so much lol.

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