March 25, 2008

Tuesday’s 10

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10 Things Rocking my World Right Now

1.  The purple tulip plant my hubby bought me “just because”

2.  Loreal Clean Definition Telescopic Mascara-no clumps people, no clumps!

3.  Lovely perfume by SJP

4.  Dove Cream Oil body lotion-this is the best lotion ever

5.  General’s Charcoal White pencil for drawing the pattern to quilt on the quilt I am working on (now THAT sounds redundant but you know what I mean)

6.  Arm & Hammer Plus with OxyClean laundry soap-the Fresh Scent is my favorite

7.  Fresh strawberries sprinkled with sugar-I’m not really a fresh fruit person at all so I am trying to be better about that and I’m aware that putting sugar on them isn’t the best thing to do but they are too sour without it so at least I am eating them, right?

8.  My closet because I cleaned it out yesterday.

9.  John Frieda shampoo

10.  Fusible quilt batting 🙂


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