March 24, 2008

The short version of the last week

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-Finished reading “Rhett Butler’s People” and it was awesome!  If you are a fan of “Gone With the Wind” then you should read this book.

-Watched “Gone Baby Gone” and recommend it…….WOW.  I’m not easily impressed with movies but this is a good one.

-My right index finger is so friggen sore from quilting I can barely type.  And speaking of typing, this new keyboard is a little different from my other one so my typing is not going well, sore finger or not.

-My plans for the day have changed about 4 times so far but I was able to recover and clean out some clothes that I no longer wear.  Clearing out stuff always makes me feel centered……just better somehow 🙂  When the kidlets nap I will gather more things to get rid of and finishing cleaning out my closets.

-Now that I’ve gotten rid of more than half my clothes I need to go clothes shopping. 

-We are waiting to see if my husband’s union will go on strike next week so the shopping trip will most likely wait until we get definite word.  Cross your fingers that all goes well.

-Got a call from my sister that my 97 year old Grandmother is not doing well.  I may have to write a separate entry about this subject but I’ll have to find the time to do that.

-My husband brought me the most lovely tulip plant for my bay window!  I feel so springy!

-My dog is being naughtier than ever and is now banished to her kennel for digging holes in the yard again.  Seriously…..she’s 3 years old, will she ever stop doing this?  She can go for months and not dig a single spot and then one day freak out and till up half the backyard.  Hubby is not amused or understanding of this at all.  Lucy better be glad I’m here to save her or else she would probably be finding herself a new address! 



  1. cuddlynn said,

    *fingers crossed*!

    And I agree that Gone Baby Gone was awesome! I was very surprised! Another good one is Into The Wild 🙂

  2. giveitatry said,

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed about the strike – you guys probably already know if it is a go or not.

    I didn’t know your dog’s name was Lucy. We almost named our dog Lucy, but instead (for some unknown reason) we went with Lily.

  3. sillydreamer said,

    Beckie, we will find out next Monday at midnight about the strike.

    Want to hear something funny…..I considered naming Lucy, Lily!

  4. leafless said,

    Tulips and Spring. They are quite an awesome pair.

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