March 14, 2008

Some things are better left unsaid

Posted in Uncategorized tagged , at 4:17 pm by sillydreamer

I saw this over at my bloggy buddy Beckie’s and knew I had to do it.

1.  You’ve always thought you were better than me but you’re not, you are just a petty person that wants to brag about what you have and how much you paid for it.  By the way, I know all about car and house repos, no matter how you try to spin it.

2.  I know it bugs you that I can’t stand you and that’s ok with me.  I can’t believe I ever wasted a minute of my time trying to get to know you. 

3.  You are the most miserable, complaining person I have ever met.  Just seeing your face brings my energy level down to about zero.  If you would take about 3 minutes out of your day to find something positive to reflect on, you would probably feel a lot better.

4.  I don’t ask how you are doing because I don’t have time for a 15 minute conversation listing all your ailments.

5.  You’ve talked so much crap about your Mother’s life and guess what……you are in the same boat she is. 

6.  It’s really, really hard for me to sympathize with your money problems when I see your acrylic nails and highlighted hair. 

7.  Do you really expect your kids to know how to act in public when you have no control over them at home?

8.  Why do you ask my advice?  Not only are you not going to take it, you are going to tell me why my way won’t work.  It’s a waste of both of our time.

Wow…..I feel GREAT! 



  1. skywindows said,

    I really really really need to do this meme. Really. Seriously.

    That is awesome!

  2. giveitatry said,

    It is sort of ‘refreshing’ – isn’t it?!

    I’m glad you had fun with it.

  3. Author said,

    Hmm, I’d like to try this but fear I’d be there for days writing a list a hundred long of all the things I’ve ever thought but been too weak to say.

    Hell, I might do it anyway!

  4. sillydreamer said,

    I’m so glad I found this at Beckie’s and you other two should do it too 🙂

  5. […] things are better left unsaid… Posted on March 16, 2008 by skywindows I saw this meme on one of my favorite blogs “Semi Charmed kind of life” and new I had to do this meme. […]

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