March 13, 2008

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What did I put out there today

I wondered to myself. 

Did my face show peace and happiness

or did it show impatience and irritability?

Did I sigh out loud as I waited for the brand new driver to turn

or did I silently will confidence to him?

When I heard juicy gossip about a friend

did I say a quick prayer for them

or did I pick up the phone and repeat it?

Did I fixate on the one thing my kids didn’t do

instead of being delighted about the things they did?

Remember to smile, be thankful

and appreciate the small, wonderful things in life.





  1. Kellie said,

    Well, crap. Doesn’t that just say it all and make one stop and think. For real.

    Thank you 🙂

  2. leafless said,

    Nice stuff.

  3. Author said,

    echo, nice stuff.

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