March 7, 2008

Wild Week

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-Tuesday was gorgeous!  We played outside all day in our short sleeves and enjoyed the sunshine. 

-Yesterday was rainy and cold all day and then over night, it snowed.  Now I know what you’re thinking, Texans don’t know what real snow is but today we woke up to real snow.  Granted it was only an inch but it was powdery and fluffy like snow should be, not the sleet we usually get and call snow anyway.  By 10:00 it was all gone which makes me happy and reminds me of why I love Texas snow the best! 

-On Tuesday there was a bomb threat at the high school so the kids were evacuated and sent over to the Ninth Grade Academy that’s across the street.  This happened around 11:00 so finally around 1:00 I went and checked them out so that was a “free” day for them.  Today they were delayed 2 hours because of the weather so I think they got off pretty easy this week 🙂  They had their TAKS test on Wednesday so I’m sure they were ready for an easy week.  I know the teachers were.

-I have a 2001 Town & Country mini van that I bought new and have had several little issues, usually electrical, since I’ve owned it.  The automatic sliding doors have been fixed 3 times and are currently not working, the automatic lift on the back door has been fixed twice, the driver’s side window has been fixed once or twice, etc.  About a year ago, the rear wiper stopped working.  We got the motor for it, put it on, and it still didn’t work.  We had the new motor tested and it was fine so we checked the fuses.  Finally we said forget it, just another freaking electrical problem that I’m not spending a few hundred dollars to fix.  A couple of months ago we had a new computer put in, at no cost because there was an extended warranty covering it that we only learned about because of the internet 🙂  Two nights ago my husband was reading a message board about our van because he was needing some info on  how to fix yet something else and found that someone posted the same problem with their rear wiper and the fix was a software update to their car’s computer.  A software update to make the rear wiper work???  Because we have a new computer with the new software ours works now!  Who would have ever thought of such?? 

-I’m about half done with the quilting on Holly’s blanket!  Haley has decided she wants hers to be in Mardi Gras colors so that will be my next project.  I’m thinking it needs to be a really wild and funky design so if anyone has a pattern along those lines or knows where to buy one, send me a link.  She says she doesn’t want a very big one, maybe a lap size.

I hope you have a great week-end.  No plans here, just hanging around the house I think but that’s ok with me.



  1. Lady Luck said,

    Have a great weekend Marla, hanging around the house sounds just great to me; it’s what I’ve got planned to do too! 🙂

  2. Susan said,

    Wow…you’ve had quite the week already! I’m glad the van is feeling better now at least. 🙂

  3. Kellie said,

    I want some of your snow!! Here in NY, I know all too well what “real” sow is and honestly? I’m so ready for winter to be gone.

  4. Hey! I’m in Texas, too!! Had to dig through my blog, and we got snow on March 7th as well.

  5. directory said,

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