February 14, 2008


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

 I’m curious, is V-Day a big day in your house?  As in, do you get really upset if your partner doesn’t do anything for you?  I’m listening to the radio today and it just seems like this is the be all, end all of all the holidays and I just don’t get it.  Am I alone on this?

I don’t poo poo the day with “it’s a business created holiday” but I don’t go all out either.  I enjoy making cards so I make my husband and my 3 girls a card and I get them all a small box of candy and that’s it.  They are my loves so I do this out of love, not an obligation.  I’m totally into the hearts, ribbons, lace etc. so this is fun for me.  I made up a small treat bag for my daycare kiddies and put a Valentine and some candy in there for them.  They are 3, 2 and 2 so other than they candy, they don’t get it anyway.  I don’t want or expect anything from hubby (which is a good thing if you know what I’m saying).   I don’t want flowers  or candy or to dress and go out to eat.  For me personally, I think it becomes a show and tell for women on what they got and what their man did for them.  I feel sorry for the guys lol! 

So tell me, how is Valentine’s Day for you?



  1. skywindows said,

    On this, we really agree.

    I don’t understand the big deal about Valentines day, other than it is a great day to tell those around you that you love them, which I do. I don’t expect anything, and when my husband gets me stuff for V-Day I am not sad, but I would rather he do things throughout the year instead of focus on this one day…That would mean more to me. How cool would it be to get a Valentines day card in the middle of August?

  2. giveitatry said,

    Hubs and I got the kids each a heart box of candy and a bigger one for the two of us to split and that was it. I enjoyed working with my kids making Valentines for their teachers.

    I totally agree with you!

  3. clevergrl said,

    We don’t do a whole lot. Cards and I love yous, maybe some candy and flowers. Nothing big, really. Just an acknowledgment that it is Valentines Day and that is about it!

  4. Lady Luck said,

    I always cook my husband a speacial valentine supper – with his favourite food – and we share a nice bottle of wine. This year it was champagne!

    We give each other a card – but don’t generally bother with a gift – unless it’s theatre tickets (or a concert etc.) we can both enjoy together.

    We don’t feel obligated – but it is just nice to celebrate the way we still feel about each other – after 17 years! 🙂

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