February 28, 2008

You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up

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I don’t really share too much of my personal business on my blog for various reasons.  The main reason is my daughters are all teen agers and by sharing my personal business, I’m sharing theirs too and honestly, do you really want to read about a bunch of teen age drama?  I don’t, I live with it so my blog is more of an escape than an outlet LOL.  I don’t want to be “that” blog that you go to and it’s always negative, ranting entries.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, because I do enjoy reading those from time to time, but I want to put more positive things out there than negative.

Today though, I will share a few things with you.  For those of you that don’t already know this, I grew up in a children’s home from the age of about 13 until 18.  To make a long blah, blah story short, after my parents divorced, the Home was the most suitable place for me at the time.  Up until then, I had been living with my Dad for the previous 4 years.  Now THAT was an experience! 

My Dad’s side of the family are an intersting bunch of people.  We’re Southern so some may refer to them as colorful but I just call them crazy.  They can’t get together without some kind of major brawl erupting.   For example, when I was a very young child, I was running through the house and accidentally knocked down my cousin.  He had recently had surgery so my aunt scolded me and spanked me.  I’m sure I had probably already been told not to run so the spanking was justified I’m sure.  Whatever the case, my parents went ballistic and a huge family brawl was on.  Fast forward about 6 years and all these family members, minus my Mom, were gathered together and this incident was brought up which sets off another family brawl, complete with guns!   Another time I saw a gun was when my father pulled one on a guy that had been using the “f” word in front of us.  Apparently it would be ok to shoot someone but not ok for us to hear the “f” word in his books.  Luckily, no one got shot.  The potty mouth young man wisely saw that this wasn’t the place for him and took off!  I wonder if he still thinks about this incident too.  I’m telling you, you just can’t make these things up.

I guess crazy didn’t fall too far from the tree because my dear sweet Grandma (who is still alive I think) decided at the age of 85 that every year on her birthday she would climb a tree.  Why, I do not know, but that’s what she decided to do.  Why anyone lets her also baffles me but up the tree she goes every year.  My sister (who still has contact with these people) told me on her 90th birthday the fire department had to come get her down because she got stuck! 

My maternal Grandfather called my Mom one day to tell her not to feed us the cereal that was sitting on the counter because it tasted awful.  He had come over to visit while we weren’t home and decided to eat some cereal while he was there.  My Mom looked around and told him there wasn’t any cereal on the counter, what was he talking about.  Apparently he had eaten a package of Tender Vittles catfood instead!   Why was this man driving if he couldn’t see the box well enough to notice the big cat on the front?? 

I could share many, many more of these type stories and they would all be true because as I said, you just can’t make this stuff up!  LOL! 


February 27, 2008

Happy Hump Day

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Good afternoon!

I have been neglecting my blog this week, bad, bad blogger.  Not much is going on.  I’m busy quilting in my spare time so I can get Holly’s done and start on Haley’s.  I’d say I’m almost half finished so I’ve made a pretty good dent the last week or so.  My fingers think so too!  The weather is gorgeous so after naptime, the kidlets and I are going out to play for a bit so that will be fun.  I hope that wherever you are, you are having nice weather too. Get up and dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 22, 2008

I think….

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that if I hear “WHAAAAAAAAAA, MINE”, just one more time today my head might just pop off my shoulders. 

That’s pretty much the synopsis of my whole freaking week so we’ll leave it at that.

Hope you are all having a marvelous Friday 🙂 

February 18, 2008

A book Meme

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Jan at A Curious State of Affairs tagged me to do a meme about books.  I just happen to have one sitting right here on my desk so of course I’ll join in.  The book is “American Terrorist-Timothy McVeigh & The Oklahoma City Bombing” by Lou Michel and Dan Herbeck.  I checked this book out from the library last week and haven’t even started reading it yet, otherwise I would have had to go retrieve it from my nightstand. 

Here are the rules:

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

 Here goes!

1.  To him, it seemed as if Lori couldn’t start her day without speed, and the drug slowly but surely seemed to be taking a toll on Mike’s brain. 

2.  Fortier often appeared washed-out and tuned out; McVeigh considered his friend an intelligent guy, but all too often Mike
Fortier seemed to be cruising through life in a daze.  After returning home from his job at a True Value hardware store in Kingman, Fortier slipped into what McVeigh called “wife-listening mode,” tuning out whatever was going on around him.  At times, McVeigh found himself vying awkwardly with Lori for Mike’s depleted attention span. 

3.  Now the hard part, tagging 5 people.  Being the rule breaker I am, I’m only going to tag 2 people and if you don’t participate I understand.

I want to tag Becki and Lew

February 14, 2008


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

 I’m curious, is V-Day a big day in your house?  As in, do you get really upset if your partner doesn’t do anything for you?  I’m listening to the radio today and it just seems like this is the be all, end all of all the holidays and I just don’t get it.  Am I alone on this?

I don’t poo poo the day with “it’s a business created holiday” but I don’t go all out either.  I enjoy making cards so I make my husband and my 3 girls a card and I get them all a small box of candy and that’s it.  They are my loves so I do this out of love, not an obligation.  I’m totally into the hearts, ribbons, lace etc. so this is fun for me.  I made up a small treat bag for my daycare kiddies and put a Valentine and some candy in there for them.  They are 3, 2 and 2 so other than they candy, they don’t get it anyway.  I don’t want or expect anything from hubby (which is a good thing if you know what I’m saying).   I don’t want flowers  or candy or to dress and go out to eat.  For me personally, I think it becomes a show and tell for women on what they got and what their man did for them.  I feel sorry for the guys lol! 

So tell me, how is Valentine’s Day for you?

I got nothing

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So I’ll share the song that’s been stuck in my head today.

February 13, 2008

An award :-)

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A sweet bloggy friend has given me an award so I want to say thanks to her and I also want to be on the ball about this and pass it on.

Lady Luck, who paints pictures with her words and also shares some awesome photos.

Sky Windows, who thinks the same way I do on many things

Beckie, who makes me laugh all the time


Rhonda, who reminds me that it’s ok to be nervous about new things but to do it anyway!


February 8, 2008

Prickly People

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 Little Miss “I know it all”

always talking.

Little Miss “if it were me”

you know who you are.

Then again, maybe you don’t.

Every message board has one

and if there’s more than one

that’s just pure entertainment,

pop some corn and get a drink

‘cuz it’s on!

The spankers,

the cry it outers,

the no circ-no vaxers.

The bottle vs. breast feeders,

the attached,

the slackers,

getting it on in cyberland!




February 3, 2008

Being schooled

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Do I look different to you today?  I should because I’m blogging from my new computer.  Normally I would end that statement with an exclamation point put I have to tell you, I don’t feel all that excited at the moment.  It’s been at least 5 years since we’ve bought a new computer and now I have to relearn everything!!!!  I don’t want to be “that” person who resists change but I think that I am.  I do love the capabilities of the new system, I just have to take the time to learn it.  Therein lies the problem, time.  In addition to that, I have to transfer all my stuff from the old to the new.  You all know the drill, we’ve all done it before and of course it will all be okay.   If this is my biggest problem in life, I’ll be A-OK 🙂

Talking to the sales people when we were shopping was very humorous.  When we bought this computer, at least 5 years ago, it was pretty top of the line, all 512 MB of RAM and the whopping 80 gig hard drive of it!  LOL!  To be honest, the system is still ok for us; it was fast enough and even with all my pictures, music and programs on there, we still had plenty of room left on the hard drive.  We just thought it was time to step up just a little.  When we were telling them what our current system’s specs were, they laughed.  Every.single.one.of.them!  LOLOLOL!!!!!  Of course, when that computer was new, these guys were still in grade school!  They couldn’t imagine that you could use a system with 512mb of ram for anything!   I’m sure they couldn’t imagine that not too many moons ago, you actually paid by the minute for internet, your only option was dial up, and the thought of making your own CDs and DVDs was unheard of 🙂