January 7, 2008

Back in the Day

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Summer time meant no shoes, ever

we walked on the burning hot pavement

and burst the tar bubbles with our bare feet.

Little tiny Coke bottles made of real glass

and everything was Coke, no matter what brand it really was

because this is Texas.

Sugar Loaf and Hubba Bubba chewing gum,

wax bottle candy filled with colored water,

I think we even chewed and swallowed the wax!

And the music, still some of my very favorites.

In ’77 I heard about Elvis while staying with the crazy relatives

in Arkansas no doubt!

Had to hear on the religious radio station because that was all that was allowed.

Strangest summer of my entire life, ’77!

No TV, dresses only and speaking in tongues at church

we’re definitely not Baptist anymore, Toto!

Heat wave of ’80 and no air conditioner in our house, not even a fan.

Didn’t even really think it was that hot either.

Riding our bikes everywhere

even going down “Bitch Hill” which we named because it was a naughty word.

Staying out until the street light came on

hanging out at my best friend Misty’s house

with all her brother’s and sisters

8 in all.

Shag carpet and yellow formica countertops

with sparklies in it!

Wood paneling on the walls, macrame plant hangers

naughahyde furniture HA!

Skating at the rink to “Lay Down Sally”


8 tracks

’45’s and ’78’s

back in the day.



  1. skywindows said,

    Great post!!

    You brought back some real memories.


  2. Lady Luck said,

    Another great post – I’d love to do this one too – of my UK teenage memories of course. Would you mind? I would link to your post.

    You’re inspired!

  3. sillydreamer said,

    I would love to read yours Jan.

  4. […] been extra especially inspired! She wrote a post recalling her childhood in the seventies called: Back in the Day  I enjoyed it so much I decided to write my own – thanks Marla! The Swinging Sixties! […]

  5. giveitatry said,

    I somehow missed this post! Everything was coke – yeah, I remember that.

    Hey, you were on a writing roll for a couple of weeks – what happened to you? Hope you are well.

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