December 31, 2007

“Enrique’s Journey”

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I finished this book over the week-end.  Wow…..this book is a must read.   I have to confess that even after reading it, I don’t know how to feel about immigration.  I totally see both sides of the issue.  Ok, let me correct that.  I know how “I” feel about it but I don’t know how to put it in words.  It doesn’t bother me that so many are here.  I’m sorry that they have to go to the lengths that they do to get here and I wish things were easier for them and that it was “ok” for them to be here.  They come here and they work and work harder, longer and for less money than most citizens here.  If I lived in the conditions they lived in, I would want to come here too.  But I also see the flip side of the illegals being here too.   They usually are paid under the table and don’t pay taxes and use government services but lots of Americans do that too so I guess that brings me back to square one, doesn’t it? 

This week-end Danny and I went “Trader’s Village” which is a huge outdoor flea market.  The majority of the vendors and customers are mexican and I wanted to ask all of them, “how did you get here…what did you go through to come here….did you have to leave your children behind when you came”.  Yeah, that wouldn’t have been too awkward at all! 

I don’t know how this issue will be solved or if it can even BE solved.  I do know that my heart just breaks knowing that thousands of people are going to lose their life, some as young as 11 years old, to come here.