December 22, 2007

What does Santa do at your house

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Tina at Sky Windows wants to know what Santa does at our houses so I thought I would share.

When I was a child we always had wrapped presents under the tree from our parents and then Santa would come and leave more presents from him.  By the time I was in the 2nd grade, I took notice that not only does Santa have the same wrapping paper as my Mom, he also had the same handwriting on the same kind of gift tags.  Things that make you go hmmmmm…….

For my kids when they were of Santa age, we always wrapped the gifts that were from us and then Santa would come Christmas Eve and leave the big, or most wanted gift, unwrapped.  He also filled the stockings and had milk and cookies before leaving.   My kids were always up at the butt crack of dawn!  A few years ago, probably when they were in the 4th or 5th grade, I had to send them back to bed twice because they came to get me at 4:30, then 5:30.  I finally got them all up by 6:00 and got the show on road.   Even now as teen agers, they still get up early for Christmas morning.  Rest assured this is the only day of the year they get up willingly at that hour! 

On Christmas Eve we always let the girls open one gift.  Sometimes I choose, sometimes they choose.  This year I will choose because I know what they would want to have early.  In case you are reading this and you have young children I want to prepare you for something.  When they’re young you can buy all sorts of gifts for X amount of money.  As they grow up, their gifts get much more expensive so even though you spend the same amount, the gift pile is much smaller.   It would be very easy for me to go crazy and spend way more money than I need to at Christmas but I’m proud to say that we’ve always been pretty sensible about it.   Besides, all three girls have birthdays the second week of January so it’s one big gift/money fest around here for a few weeks!  Who the hell can afford that?

Tina, this was an excellent topic and I hope that others will share their Santa traditions.  I absolutely adore the idea of getting a gift from Mrs. Claus and Rudolph and may have to use that someday.  I forgot to mention that when the kids were younger also left a carrot out for Rudolph a few years.  One year in school the kids made some kind of reindeer food with Chex cereal, pretzels sticks and glitter.  You sprinkle it out on your lawn for the reindeer.  I thought that was a cute idea too.