December 20, 2007

Looky, Looky

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I got this cool new header from  Isn’t it cool?  I know it doesn’t match the rest of my layout but we’ll overlook that for the time being 🙂

This is the longest.week.ever.  Our schedule has been out of whack all week and now the girls are out of school so this week has just creeped by.  I’m ready for the week-end but I can’t believe that Christmas is next week!  All I need to get is a few stocking stuffers and wrap a couple of presents and I’m done.  It hasn’t really felt like Christmas to me this year.

Guess what?  Today is my 11 year anniversary!  We’ve actually lived together for 16 years but didn’t quite make that final leap for five years lol.  No plans at all but I did want to share the fact that I did snag one of the best guys out there 🙂 



  1. giveitatry said,

    Love the header! Oh, and I love the picture – you two look really good together!

    You look just like I had imagined!

  2. Lady Luck said,

    Happy Anniversary you two. Hope you’re celebrating big style!

  3. clevergrl said,

    That’s so exciting! Congrats and I hope you have (had) a marvelous day.

  4. Marla said,

    Thanks for the congrats you guys! We did have a nice day, even though we didn’t do anything except go pick up dinner and then went and bought stocking stuffers lol. I did let him know it was time to repaint my bathroom and redo the crown moulding and like the trooper he is, all he asked was what color, what style moulding and did I want to go ahead and put in the tile floor. Doesn’t he just rock????

  5. skywindows said,

    That is a long time to be together. Congratulations, you two look so very happy together!

  6. Jeannie said,

    aw congrats Marla! I still wished you lived closer so I could hire Danny!
    Here’s hoping we all have a great 08!

  7. OK, this is getting a little freaky. If I have my math right, you remarried in 1996? So did I! In December! Our anniversary is December 6.

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