November 20, 2007

Tuesday’s 10

Posted in Uncategorized tagged , at 3:29 pm by sillydreamer

10 things I intend to eat on Thanksgiving 🙂

1.  turkey

2.  ham

3.  sweet potatoe casserole

4.  dressing

5.  pink stuff

6.  green bean casserole

7.  broccoli & cheese casserole

8.  cranberry sauce

9.  pumpkin pie

10.  dinner rolls with butter




  1. giveitatry said,

    Ok, I understand everything except the pink stuff. What is that? Maybe I need a recipe….

  2. Lady Luck said,

    Have a great Thanksgiving – the food sounds gorgeous! I’m hungry just thinking about it!

  3. sillydreamer said,

    Thanks J9 🙂 We don’t do a big blow out meal for Christmas, just snack stuff, so we make sure Thanksgiving makes up for that.

    Beckie, I knew after I posted that entry that I should have given Pink Stuff a name but that’s the only name I know it by. It’s very yummy. It’s a can of pineapple chunks, cherry pie filling and pecan halves all mixed into a large container of cool whip.

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