November 18, 2007

Week-end Recap

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Why do the week-ends just zoom by? 

The weather was gorgeous this week-end!  Yesterday we were in the low 80’s which was wonderful because we had a football game at 1:00.  It was our first, and last, playoff game of this season.  We all know by now that I’m not the football fan but this game was exciting and our guys did a great job but we lost it in the last 8 minutes of the game.  Even though I was hoping that we would lose so we could be done with the season, I did feel sad for the players who tried so hard and gave it their all.  That game took up the better part of Saturday and by the time we got home we were pooped so we rented a movie that we didn’t watch (Ocean’s Thirteen) and just chilled out.

Today we did a little Christmas shopping and that was about it.  I have to make the dreaded grocery store trip and I also need to get my list together for my Thanksgiving food I’m making.  That won’t be too hard, I just  I can’t stress this enough people lol.

I’ve also got to get busy on this house and whip it into shape because nothing has been done since Friday afternoon.  The dishes were about falling out of the sink and the trash was almost in the floor.  I guess if I didn’t come along and take care of it, they would just topple over and my family would just walk over it.  I bought enough material and batting to finish putting the quilt together and start quilting it so I’m hoping to work on that tonight. 


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