November 15, 2007

Gone With the Wind

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It was windy as heck here yesterday but I’m not really referring to the weather.  I mean “Gone with the wind” as in the book.   One of my all time favorite books 🙂  Guess what??  There is a new book out that is a prequel/sequel….”Rhett Butler’s People”.  I am soooo excited. 

Of course I read the sequel, “Scarlett” but I was not all that impressed.  I did like Alexandra Ripley’s  “Charleston” and “On Leaving Charleston” but the whole going to Ireland business in “Scarlett” just didn’t feel right.  Now, as I’m typing this I feel bad thinking that Ms. Ripley or one of her family members might happen upon this lowly little blog and get their feelings hurt lol.  I’m pitiful.   I just remember the first time I read GWTW and when I was done I was sad because all the characters were gone so in my mind I envisioned different things for them and going to Ireland wasn’t one of them.   See, I AM pitiful 🙂 

Guess what else I discovered?  There is another book, “The Wind Done Gone”, by Alice Randall, that is a parody of GWTW written from Mammy’s daughter’s point of view.  I checked with my library and they have this  so I’m going to pick it up the next time I am there.  I’m so excited!

I know there are many out there that do not enjoying reading so I apologize for boring you I just wanted to share my excitement! 



  1. giveitatry said,

    There are people that don’t enjoy reading?

    The book from Mammy’s daughter’s point of view sounds interesting – you’ll have to let us know about that one.

  2. Susan said,

    LOL That was my exact same thought too. I can still being puzzled when I offered my a bag of books to a friend of mine. Her response was “oh, I don’t do that”. I figured she just didn’t read cheap paperback novels. It turned out that she just didn’t read! I still don’t get that…

    Anyways, I degress…let us know about the other books. I may have to see if my library has them as well.

  3. Susan said,

    Ack! IDigress. I hate it when I mispell and can’t fix it…

  4. sillydreamer said,

    I can’t understand people that don’t read either. It really just boggles my mind.

    I’ll let you guys know when I get around to those books. Is it just me or does everyone get excited and look forward to a new book?

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